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708 Ralston Road
Colon, MI 49040


Tom Smith

Mosherville #1351, Studley #1174, Burns #160, North Adrian #721, Colon #215, St. Joseph/Cass/Kalamazoo Pomona #4

Fern #803, Harbor Springs #730, West Oshtemo #1630, Gratiot #1898, Lime Creek #712, Fredonia #1713, Mid Michigan Pomona #61, Lenawee County Pomona # 15

Baked Goods — Bundt Cake
1st Place: Ted Mudd, Studley #1174

Baking with Cake Mix — using cake mix + 6 ingredients:
1st Place: Tricia Eidsmoe, Studley #1174
2nd Place: Audrey Ewing, Plymouth/Westland #389

​Cookies made with cake mix
1st Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160
2nd Place: Dan Sachociki, Plymouth/Westland #389

​Homemade Halloween Candy
1st Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160

​Homemade Christmas Candy
1st Place: LaDonna Kurburski, Harbor Springs #730
2nd Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160

Knitting — Afghan
1st Place: Lois Hicks, West Oshtemo #1630

​Knitting — Lap Robe
1st Place: Sharon Popler, Burns #160

​Knitting — Scarf and Mittens
1st Place: Lois Hicks, West Oshtemo #1630

​Crocheting — Afghan
1st Place: Lois Hicks, West Oshtemo #1630
2nd Place: Darlene Reeser, Plymouth/Westland #389
3rd Place: Helen Mudd, Studley #1174

Quilting — Machine
1st Place: Helen Mudd, Studley #1174
2nd Place: Pramila Sardeshpande, Plymouth/Westland #389
3rd Place: Betty Persons, Fern #803

Quilting —Tied
1st Place: Wilbur Kurburski, Harbor Springs #730

Sewing — Pillow Cases
1st Place: Pramila Sardeshpande, Plymouth/Westland #389
2nd Place: Helen Mudd, Studley #1174

​Sewing — Purse or Tote
1st Place: Janie Lerchen, Plymouth/Westland #389

​Sewing — Any Other
1st Place: Janie Lerchen, Plymouth/Westland #389

1st Place: Luanna Swainston, Kinney #754
2nd Place: Sharon Popler, Burns #160
3rd Place: Joretta Bethke, Harbor Springs #730

Christmas Ornament —Plastic Canvas
1st Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160

​Christmas Ornament — Felt
1st Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160

​Christmas Ornament — Any Other
1st Place: Audrey Ewing, Plymouth/Westland #389
2nd Place: Joanne Normand, North Adrian #721
3rd Place: LaDonna Kurburski, Harbor Springs #730

1st Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160

​Fairy Garden
1st Place: Audrey Ewing, Plymouth/Westland #389 - Best of Show

​Decorated Pumpkin
1st Place: Lois Hicks, West Oshtemo #1630
2nd Place: Janie Lerchen, Plymouth/Westland #389

​Paper Mache — 9-11 year olds
1st Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Marc Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Lego Building — Age 9-11
1st Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Marc Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Birdhouse — Age9-11
1st Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Marc Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Granger’s Making 50 Toys or More
1. Ted Mudd, Studley #1174
2. Helen Mudd, Studley #1174​

State Convention

The 2017 Michigan State Grange Convention is coming up quickly, will you be represented? All Granges have some members who are entitled to advance in their degrees and should attend. There are all the contests available to challenge your talents and creativity, and you certainly should be represented by delegates to chart legislative policy and Grange direction for the coming years. The simple answer to all of this is read your program books, read the Grange News and listen at Grange when communications are read. So many problems could avoided if we would all just communicate a little better in all forms.

There, I’m down off my pedestal for now. Please do a final push for entries in the Family Activities Department. Your interest and participation is what determines what will be in the next program book. And a special push is needed for entries in the quilt contest to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Grange. 

Remember, with the shortened session, it is imperative to have your entries registered in time for judging.
Please check the schedule for accurate times and locations.

Farmer's Market

​​A Farmer’s Market is likely coming to a field or parking lot near you—if there isn’t already one operating
nearby. The USDA says that between the years 2008 and 2013 the number of farmers markets doubled nationwide.

​Buyers who are not familiar with farmers markets can look at these seven reason to give them a try:
  1. Food at farm markets tend to be limited to in season offerings. Some nutritionists suggest eating seasonally available foods is better for your body, because humans ate seasonal produce for thousands of years before shipping and refrigeration changed how people got their food. Also, many people feel that fresh, seasonal foods taste better than the alternatives.
  2. Discover new foods. There is always something new at a farmers market and this can entice shoppers to expand their taste buds. Explore interesting, locally grown items. Even kids may fall in love with colorful fruits and veggies and their refreshing tastes.
  3. Embrace organic and non GMO offerings. Many farm markets offer foods that are organically grown and produced without GMO’s. Farm Market retailers also tend to give first hand accounts of where their foods come from and how they are grown or raised.
  4. Indulge in nutritious foods. The vivid colors and smells emanating from farmers markets indicate just how fresh and nutritious the offerings tend to be. Farmers who peddle their wares at markets adhere to careful farming methods to ensure their foods are as nutritious as possible.
  5. Learn secrets and recipes. In addition to fresh produce, farmers markets may offer baked and other prepared goods. Shopkeepers often mingle with their customers, offering trade secrets and recipe ideas, and, local farm families supported by farmers markets generally offer supreme customer service to keep shoppers coming back week after week.
  6. Turn the trip into a social excursion. A farmers market can be an exciting and flavorful social gathering place for families and groups of friends, as well as a great place to meet other members of the community. Sometimes farmers also mingle with local artisan, so the market can be a one stop shopping locale for locally produced food and art.
  7. Save Money. Farmers markets may well sell organic produce at a cost comparable or even lower than other retailers. That’s because local farmers do not have to transport their items as far as other retailers whose foods were shipped in from far away places and picked prematurely.  Any time of year is perfect for grabbing a tote bag and browsing the wares at a nearby farmers market, where shoppers are bound to find something fresh, unique and delicious!