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Do you have any resolutions still in effect? I’ve got just one, I resolved that each month I would work on an entry for one of the many State Grange Department contests. So far January is done, and working on February’s. This might be a good idea for others, so you’re not at the last minute feeling overwhelmed just before session.

​And be sure to hang on to your program book from the last Grange News. There in lies all the contests for all of our departments and there have been many changes from previous years.

​(If you have lost or misplaced your Program book, either contact the State Office or check out each department on the website for their program information.

Again, if you have any questions on Family Activities work be sure to call on Barb or me or Russ.

Happy Granging to All!

Grocery Shopping Tips
Everybody knows grocery shopping can be an ordeal and down right expensive at times. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average consumer unit, defined by 1-4 individuals spends up to $500 per month on groceries! Anything you can save is a plus for your budget. These are some ways to cut costs, whether for a family or an individual.
Baking Items:
Find a bakery outlet in your area, where Bakeries unload their overproduction. You’ll fine high quality, fresh products at rock bottom prices. Time your trip for Sale Day and Save 50% or more. Bakery items freeze well, so stock up.

Fruits and vegetables are high quality and low price in season. Shop farm markets and watch produce costs plunge by at least 20%.

​Be an Early Bird:
Store meat managers chop as much as 50% from the original price of meat, fish and poultry when dates are near. Items close to date not consumed within 24 hours should be frozen.

With milk prices high, buying at a discount makes sense. Save at least $1.00 per gallon at a warehouse club. Low-fat milk freezes well, so stock up if you have room.

Switch Neighborhoods:
The prices in two supermarkets owned by the same company can vary by as much as 10% when one is located in an upscale community and the other in a lower income area!

​Cash Only:
Simple! Leave the checkbook, debit and credit cards at home. You’ll curtain your impulse purchases and save big money.

Store Brands:
Today, generic and store brands are often the same as the national brand. Only label and price are different. Save at least 10% on prepackaged and canned goods by making the switch.

Frozen Concentrates:
If mixing directions say 3 cans of water; add 4. Frozen juices are so concentrated that a little extra water won’t make a difference in taste, but you will save at least $1.00 a week if you use 4 cans.

Eat at home more often. Bureau of Labor statistics says the average family can spend up to $4896 a year eating out, in addition to groceries.

Our short-term memories are set up to hold only five to nine items. Most of us cannot remember more than this without using “tools.”

​Chunking is one tool that helps us remember a group of objects by arranging them in smaller pieces of information or categories. Our social security numbers and telephone numbers are remembered by three groups. How about that grocery list...Consider the following list: catsup, tomatoes, milk, sour cream, cherries, baking soda, and chili pepper. Suggested ways to categorize them…

​Items that are red: catsup, tomatoes, cherries, and chili pepper OR Items that are white: milk, sour cream, baking soda OR Condiments and baking: catsup, chili pepper, baking soda...Dairy milk, sour cream...Fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, cherries OR Where these items are found in the store OR which items you need for different recipes.

​Each of these methods can be helpful.​​

Anybody can trip and fall, but older folks are much more at risk of serious injury after taking a tumble. Falls are the leading cause of injury and death for people over 65 and can lead to hip or joint injuries, head trauma, mobility challenges, fear and anxiety.

You need to be proactive if you are concerned about a family member, friend, or your own risk of falling.

Home Environment
  • Remove boxes, newspapers, phone cords and electric cords from walkways
  • Move coffee tables, plant stands and magazine racks from high traffic areas
  • Secure loose rugs with double-faced tape — or remove lose rugs from you home
  • Repair loose wooden floorboards, tiles or carpeting right away
  • Store clothing, dishes, food and other necessities within each reach
  • Immediately clean spilled liquids, grease or food
  • Use non-slip mats in tub or shower. Use a bath seat as you can sit while showering.
Consider changing footwear as part of a fall prevention plan. High heels, floppy slippers and shoes with slick soles can make you slip and fall. So can walking in stocking feet. Wear proper fitting, sturdy shoes with non-skid soles. Sensible shoes may also reduce joint pain.

Keep your home brightly lit to avoid tripping on objects that are hard to see. Also…
  • Place nightlights in your bedroom, bathroom, and hallways
  • Place a lamp within reach of your bed for middle of the night needs
  • Make clear paths to light switches. Trade traditional switches for glow in the dark ones
  • Turn on lights before going up or down stairs
  • Store flashlights in easy to find places in case of power outages.
  • Canes or walkers to keep you steady
  • Handrails on both sides of stairways
  • Raised toilet seat or one with armrests
  • Grab bars for tub or shower
  • ​​Non slip treads for bare wood steps
​​The Scoop of Ice Cream and Your Personality
Your favorite ice cream reveals something about your personality. According to research preference for any of these common flavors indicate certain personality traits.
  • Chocolate—sentimental, nostalgic and traditional. Likes to reminisce about life’s good times
  • Vanilla — Personable, proud and popular, you enjoy life’s simple
  • pleasures,
  • Strawberry—Compassionate, easygoing, and down to earth, willing to openly share feelings
  • Butter Pecan—Romantic and personable, able to bring out the
  • very best in people.
  • Neapolitan—Flexible and experimental and able to easily compromise
  • Coffee—Self Confident and competitive, you possess a take
  • charge personality, a perfectionist.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip—Bold and high achieving with a good eye
  • for detail; able to “read” people
  • Chocolate Chip—an optimist, full of life.
  • Rocky Road—Adventurous, exciting and enjoys challenges

Garden SparkLers or Sun Reflectors
Garden Sparklers or Sun Reflectors are made with strong fishing line, assortment of beads and small square or round mirrors, and one tear drop bead for bottom. Thread the beads as you like. Place mirrors back to back with fish line in center, glue together,(you may have to use thin card board between mirrors. Make as long as you wish. May be hung on tree branches or shepherds hook in garden or landscapes for sun to shine and sparkle on.
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