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We made it! 2020 State Session is now just a memory and lives in our history, but somehow we did it in one day. It was odd with no displays, degrees or music but it went well, a few familiar faces were missing, hope to see you in 2021. Thanks to our Grange friends up north for all they did to make things work. 
And by the way, speaking of 2021, your Family Activities Contests for this year will be used as next year’s program. The list of contests for all departments should in your Jan-Feb. 2021 Grange News, so be sure to save that copy for future reference. And if you had made articles for this year, they will be eligible in 2021.
Thanks to all the Granges that sent in annual reports. We may not have been able to accomplish all we hoped to but under the circumstances we did okay. About 50% of our Granges reported this year and were recognized at State Session with a certificate acknowledging their work. Let’s try and make that 50% number go  even higher in 2021! 

Harbor Springs #730 Summit City #672 Burns #160 Home #129  Gratiot #1898 Kinney #754 Studley #1174 Mosherville #1351 Colon #215 North Adrian #721 Burr Oak #1350 Community #1675  Mid Michigan Pomona #61 Lenawee County Pomona #15 
Craft Some Fall Flair
Welcome autumn into your home with these quick  and easy crafts: 
Door Décor
​Combine leaves, acorns  
and miniature pumpkins to make a show stopping wreath for your door. Glue the items to a grapevine or straw wreath, or wrap a foam wreath form with burlap or plaid fabric for a cozy rustic look. 
Pumpkin planter
Cut the top off  
a real or artificial pumpkin and fill it with a houseplant, fall mums or a bouquet of other blooms. Mini pumpkins can hold small succulents or battery-operated tea lights.
Glam Gourds
​Use gold or silver glitter
glue to decorate a white pumpkin with a design of swirls, zigzags or polka dots. Add a greeting such as “Welcome: or “Happy Fall.” 
Festive Foliage
​Gather fallen leaves  
in rich hues of red, orange and yellow, or buy artificial leaves at a craft store. String them together using a needle  and thread or fishing line. Hang the garland over a doorway or window. 
Artsy acorns
​Collect or purchase acorns, then paint the seed  
portion of each one, leaving its brown cap natural. Choose paint colors to reflect a theme: traditional fall tones, metallic shades for some sparkly, or neon colors for frighteningly good fun! Once dry, display the acorns in a bowl or vase. 

Are we all glad 2020 is gone, relegated to the history books? Between the pandemic, the economy and oh yes an election like no other and talk of 2024 beginning. Here’s hoping that one is a little more civil and adult like.
With our mini-convention in 2020 with no entries in the department, the Family Activities committee decided to use 2020 contests in 2021. That means with all of the work you did in 20, you still have time to do more for this October.
The full program book for all departments is included in this issue of the Grange News. Hang on to it, so it is readily available to look up something. And even if you are not a crafty person (like me) still hang on to the paper as someone else in your Grange might need it at a later date. If anyone has any questions please get in touch with Barb or me (Tom) and we’ll try to help you.
Do people still make New Years Resolutions like we used to. I was thinking a few weeks ago just how important it is to say “please” and “thank you” where it’s call for. That was to be my resolution for myself to express gratitude a little more freely from now on. You know like thanking a waitress when your food comes to you or the pharmacy for promptly filling your prescription or the neighbor who keeps your walk clear of snow. I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

​After thinking about this I found this clipping about gratitude. Some great thoughts are in it if we practice 
them daily and often each day.

​​Get a Gratitude attitude
 A thankful heart is a happy heart — it may sound cliche, but scientific research says it’s true. Making gratitude a regular habit boosts positive emotions and helps you be more resilient when dealing with life’s challenges. The following exercises in gratitude can lead to a happier you.

​ ​Keep a journal. A dedicated journal, in which you 
write down a few things you are thankful for each day, is a simple and effective tool for cultivating gratitude. Rereading past entries can offer a healthy perspective when you need an emotional boost.
 Create a collage. Hang a bulletin board where you’ll see it every day, and pin photos of friends and family members, as well as other items that bring you joy, such as a meaningful postcard or a wise saying from a fortune cookie. This inspiration board serves as a visual reminder of the good things in your life.
 Say “thank you”, Express your thanks when interacting with food servers, store clerks, medical staff and customer service employees. Send personal thank-you notes to people who’ve left lasting impressions.
 Give back. Studies show that people who volunteer have a more positive outlook. Donating your time, skills or money to those in need gives you the chance to reflect on things you may take for granted. Helping others also increases your sense of purpose.
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