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No Family Activities Contests will be held this  year...please save them until next year ...program will be the same. 
Did everyone make it through the last 2 or 3  months without going crazy? Only in America could 100,000 people die and it becomes a political issue. 
At least there was plenty of time to work on contest entries. It really gave me a lot of time to think about the Grange, and how I miss it when it’s not  there. No fellowship, activity, discussion, or potlucks! Here’s hoping that when able, we all will be able to get back in a “Grange Frame of Mind”. By that I mean service to our communities, tolerance for others, ideas and views and a willingness to try new things and do a little more for our organization. 
You know, we have Grange Halls and meeting places throughout the state, but only use them once or twice a month. What kind of message does this  convey to those who pass by? I thought about this quite a bit while we were more or less homebound  and decided that there are many ways to take better advantage of our Grange. 
While people were confined to home, many people were forced to actually prepare a meal. Flour  flew off the shelves, but how many people had ever baked from scratch? 
Here’s the idea! Why not use our Grange halls to  ​host classes, open to the community, in case we go through this again. 
Here’s just a few Family Activities ideas off the  top of my head that might work, and I am sure your Grange can come up with many more. 
Classes in home canning, scratch baking, ethnic  cooking, quilting, various craft and needlework, time management, etc. I’m sure your local Cooperative  Extension service could assist you. 
And why stop there? How about boating safety,  crafts for kids, local history, or a local issue of concern, health issues on many subjects. 
Maybe once every quarter, host a coffee hour with  your State Representative or Senator, open to the public. Just try to discuss issues and not politics and  personalities. 
These are just a few ideas I came up with, feel free  to add to it. Utilize the media in all forms. Who knows, you might even gain some new members, but  at least, lets show our communities we’re more than a 1 day a month, couple hours, club like many others. 
Quarterly Bulletins
Does your Grange take advantage of and use the  quarterly bulletins from the Lecturer’s, Deaf Awareness and Family Activities departments? We all try hard to present things to help you in your work at the local level, but we never get any feed back. Let us know if they are of help to you and if you have material to shave, send it in! 
Tips for Effective Leadership
  • Consider yourself honored to be a leader and say so to  those who place you in that role. 
  • Show your followers sincere appreciation.
  • Speak in terms of your listeners’ interests.
  • Be careful of the tone of your voice.
  • Take up only one solution to a problem at a time in  group meetings. 
  • Have an eager desire to learn and communicate.
  • Set an example by being at least twice as animated as  you expect others to be. 
  • Give encouragement in every comment you make.
  • When correcting someone's mistake, first praise the  person for something they are doing right, then work 
  • on the problem.
  • Read, study and think.
  • Have a keep sense of timing and tempo. Keep your  group moving at top speed. 
  • Be a good listener. Half of communicating is listening.
  • Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing others.
  • Never imitate others. Be yourself
  • Don’t play yourself up. Be modest.
  • Don’t say “I” , say “we”.
  • Never interrupt others.
  • Don’t resent criticism. Welcome it.
  • Instead of making direct assertions, ask questions.
  • Don’t emphasize trivial things.
  • Never excuse yourself from people who feel they have failed. Work with them until they are satisfied 
  • with their progress.
  • Don’t talk about things that you know nothing  about.

One more reminder. There will be NO contests or  JUDGING in the Family Activities Department at State Grange. This is kind of bad, but a decision that  had to be made due to the only one day convention. Time is going to be critical with the session room,  with no time available to set up, sort, judge, etc. 
But the good news is that all of the contests for  this year will be rolled over and used for 2021, so save your program book and save your entries and  let’s try to have a really good showing at our 2021 session. (A new program book will be included in  the Jan-Feb., 2021 Michigan Grange News.) 
We realize that with all the meetings lost and activities curtailed it’s been a very trying year, for all of us. But please take the time to fill out and mail in  your annual report for Family Activities both Pomona and Subordinate. We might actually surprise ourselves with how much we were able to accomplish in such trying times. 
As it says in our degrees “Home On, Persevere  Ever!” 

You’re Spending to Much  Time on the Computer if…. 
  • You’ve never actually met  any of your friends face to face. 
  • You get up during the night  to use the bathroom and just can’t resist checking your email before going back to bed. 
  • Your website is more popular than you are.
  • You email yourself notes instead of writing them on a piece of paper. 
  • You enter an elevator and double click the button for the floor you want. 
  • You frequently byte off more than you can view. 
  • You refer to breakfast, lunch and dinner as breaks to upload. 
  • The optician looks into your eyes and sees a screen saver. 
  • You’ve forgotten what real paper feels like.
Source unknown 

Finding the Joy-9 Requisites for Living
  • Health enough to make work a pleasure.
  • Wealth enough to support your needs.
  • Strength to battle difficulties and overcome them. 
  • Grace enough to confess our sins and forsake them. 
  • Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished.
  • Charity enough to see some good in your neighbor. 
  • Love enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others.
  • Faith enough to make real the things of God.
  • Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future.
​ By Johann von Goetke
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