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Convention Recap
We just wrapped up the 146th Annual Session of the Michigan State Grange where many resolutions were presented, discussed and either passed or rejected. We will even be sending one to National Session this year. We are getting fewer and fewer resolutions brought to session. Remember that we are a grassroots organization and resolutions are your voice!! This is your chance to make a change, not only in our great organization local up to National, but to also help change legislation in the state or the nation. Change starts with one person and grows from there to your local Grange, to the State Grange and on up to National Grange.

I would like to extend my thanks to the members of the host region for a job well done. I think everyone enjoyed their time there and a lot of work was accomplished. Thanks to the Fifth Degree Team for a great degree presentation.

During the banquet the Juniors sold 50/50 raffle tickets. It was suggested that the funds go towards the “Wreaths across America” program. If you attended session, you would have seen an information presentation regarding the program. This program started at Arlington National Cemetery but has expanded nationwide to National Cemeteries where their goal is to place a wreath at every veteran’s grave marker. The total amount raised was $372.00 with the winner receiving $186.00. The winning ticket drawn was Marc Johnston’s. Marc had used his department contest winnings to purchase tickets. Without any prompting that I’m aware of, Marc then donated his winnings back to Wreaths across America! So with a total of $375.00 (with a small added donation), the Michigan State Grange will be sponsoring 25 wreaths that will be placed at cemeteries on December 14th.

National Session
In a few short days, Connie and I will be off heading to the National Grange Convention in Bloomington, Minnesota. We are part of the region hosting the National Session. We are excited to continue representing Michigan as your delegates.

State Grange Trailer
If you were at the session, you would have seen the progression pictures of the updates being made on the State Grange trailer. Unfortunately the final part of the process wasn’t complete before the session. We are hoping to have the trailer completed and back by the end of this week as we need to haul items to the national session. Watch for the pictures of the updated trailer in the next issue and on the website.

Michigan Grange Pin
We are still selling pins!! Sold a few more at the session, but still have plenty available! Remember the proceeds are going towards our 150th celebration. The cost of the pin will be $5.00 per pin, and will be available through the State Secretary. All efforts will be made to hand deliver the pins if someone will be in the area. However, if the pins are to be shipped there will be a small charge for shipping.

I would like to personally congratulate Athol Hazen, Jr. on being selected as the Michigan State Grange VIP! It is a fitting recognition for a well deserving person! Congratulations Athol!

Christmas and New Year
And finally as we are headed into the Holiday season, let us be mindful of the shut-ins that would love to hear from you. We should also remember those who are less fortunate; so, make some time for those who could use just a little bit more. Also, let’s take some time to slow down and think about what we need to be planning so as to make next year a Great Grange year.

Burns Grange #160


Grange Revival (Camp Out)
For those of you who are wondering, Connie, the boys, and I attended the National Grange Revival (that has been renamed Camp Out for future events) the last week of July in Ozark, Arkansas. While we have determined that my truck is not ready to handle the mountains anytime soon again with our new camper, the event as a whole was exciting. We had been notified that there was fishing opportunities available so we took several tackle boxes and most of our fishing poles. Many children did not have any fishing equipment with them so they used ours, while I have no problem sharing and getting kids involved in outdoor activities, we did come home with one less fishing pole, and much lighter tackle boxes. Joan Smith from Potomac Grange #1 setup different events through out the camping area, these events became known as Grange Olympics and were set up with the intent that everyone could participate and take part in the Olympics. We did keep scores and turned them in, then awards were presented on Saturday evening. Sister Joan also learned a valuable camping life lesson, to not leave food out while camping in a bear infested area. Many of the nights we were there a bear visited the camp to see if Sister Joan had left any new goodies out for its snack. Prior to the event some of those who had registered had been asked to prepare a workshop or an outing. There were trips to a local river for swimming, a trip to the quilt shops, as well as to the site of the world’s largest Budweiser can. Workshops included card making, tin punch art, line dancing and many more. It was determined to continue with the campouts every other year. The camps will be moved around the country. I highly recommend you attend; this is a chance to get with our friends we only see at the National Session or at Regional Conferences with the purpose of the camp out being all fun without work to do.

As you all know we are arriving at that time of year when we start making our final arrangements for the state convention. The resolutions are due to the Michigan State Grange Secretary by October 1st, in a hard copy with the signature of the Master and Secretary of the Grange adopting the resolution and the date on which the meeting was held that the resolution was adopted.

​State Session
This year’s convention is being held at the Lenawee County fairgrounds community center and the meals will be held there as well. More information is found elsewhere in this issue. Meal prices will be coming soon while we find and work with a caterer. I’m looking forward to seeing all of our great state members at this convention.

National Session
As you should be aware, we are cohosting the National session this year with a few of our closest neighboring state Granges. The National session will be held in Bloomington Minnesota beginning just nine days after the completion of our state session. I would love to see many of you at the National Session.

Several years ago, the Michigan State Grange received a donation of an enclosed cargo trailer for the purpose of hauling the session supplies from place to place. As with many things age has not been kind to the trailer. We are in the process of making many improvements to the trailer to ensure that it will last for many years to come. The first trip with the trailer completed will be to the state convention. I will have pictures of the trailer in the next edition of the Michigan Grange News.

Until next time……