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Grange Month
As we know April is Grange month, and April is right around the corner. We should be making plans to celebrate us during the month of April, by inviting our friends and neighbors to come in and join us for a meeting where we recognize our members, and community members for all they do. This is a great time to recognize members for their years of service to the Grange. Many if our community Granges also use this time of year to recognize our Teacher and Law Enforcement Officer of the year.

State Session
Just a quick note and reminder that the Michigan State Grange annual session has been pushed back by one week this year and will be held in Adrian at the Lenawee County Fairgrounds October 24-26, 2019. More information will come in later issues.

​National Session
In just a few short months we will be joining the Grange members in our region and assisting in hosting the National Grange session in Bloomington, Minnesota. Many hands make short work. We have been assigned to help with the preparations of the seventh degree regalia, which will take many hands to accomplish. There will be several areas that can always use extra hands whenever they are available. If you are planning to attend the convention and are willing to help please let us know. We are also looking to see if there are any Military Veterans from Michigan that are planning to be in attendance at the National Session.

​National Grange Mission Statement
During the recent Masters Conference held in Wichita KS. The leaders in attendance worked diligently on a new revised Mission Statement.

​“The Grange strengthens individuals, families and communities through grassroots action, service, education, advocacy and agriculture awareness.”

​If your Grange does not have a mission statement please feel free to adopt and use this one.

​Raffle tickets are available from me for the National Grange Foundation annual quilt raffle. The quilt is made of tender heart quilt blocks submitted last year to the National Grange quilt block contest. The quilt is queen size and the raffle tickets are $5.00 each.

Until next time…….


2018 State Grange Convention
This past October our convention was held at a Grange hall for the first time in many years and I believe that everything went quite smoothly. I want to thank the members of West Oshtemo Grange for the use of their hall, also to the members of the Region 3 for a job well done. Again, thank you as well to Lynette Schaeffer National Grange Executive Committee member and Illinois State Grange Master and her husband Don, First Gentleman of the Illinois State Grange who attended as representatives from National Grange.

​2019 State Grange Convention
The Executive Committee of the Michigan State Grange has decided to allow Region 4 to alter the time of the convention by one week later, so the dates for the 2019 Michigan State Grange convention will be October 24-26 2019. This will be held at the Lenawee County fairgrounds community building. More information on this will come in a later issue of the MGN.

​2018 National Grange Convention
The week started off on a somber note, as Ed Komski, Master of the California State Grange suffered a heart attack and was transported to a nearby hospital where he later succumbed to the event. We send our condolences to Cynthia and the family as they embark on a new chapter in their life, and the challenges they now face. Brother Kent Westwood, then Overseer of the California State Grange, was installed as the Master of the California State Grange during the installation of National Officers by Joseph Stefenoni, member of California State Grange and National Grange Membership Director. The National Officers were installed by Bruce Croucher High Priest of Demeter of the National Grange and his team.

​Much discussion was had on the various resolutions from around the country. Having the pleasure to serve as the chairman of the Labor, Judiciary, and Transportation committee we were tasked with the most resolutions in our committee compared to the rest, with 32 resolutions in our committee alone. I had an awesome committee and I thank everyone of them especially Sister Joan Smith (Potomac Grange #1) for her job as Secretary of the committee and keeping us on track and Brother Walter Hartley (Rhode Island) for filling in for me when I had other duties to tend to.

Congratulations to Sister Susan Noah (OR) and Leroy Watson (NH) on being elected to the Executive Committee and Sister Kay Stiles (MD) elected to Pomona to fill out the term now vacated by Susan Noah. I look forward to working with them as fellow National Officers for the year to come.

New Department Directors
As of now Tricia Eidsmoe has agreed to take on the Membership Directors position, Kevin Young has agreed to continue as the Agriculture director, Tom Smith has agreed to take on the Family Activities Department, Luanna Swainston has agreed to continue as the Deaf Awareness Director, Peggy Johnston has agreed to continue as the Information director. I’m waiting to hear back from a possible Community Service Director and I’m still in search of a Legislative Director and a Junior/Youth & Young Adult Director. If you or know someone who would be interested in either position, please let me know.