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Well that was definitely a different version of  State Session. I missed seeing all who normally would have been in attendance. However, I think the convention went as well as could be expected. With only 8 resolutions coming from the local Granges, we were able to bring them all to the floor rather than having them go through committees. One of those resolutions will be going onto the National Grange. Awards of the various departments were read and all the certificates were put into envelopes for each Grange to be picked up after lunch. Election of Officers happened throughout the day with three offices having new members filling them. The Executive  Committee welcomed Tom Smith, Steward is now Tim Johnston and the Gatekeeper is Randy Cebulski. 
It seemed odd to have down time after the  session was over and not hurrying to get the display room taken down and everything loaded back in the trailer. I am hopeful that next year when we join together in Bay City that will be back to normal. Thank you to Region 1 for your help in the preparations for this year's convention. 
Congratulations to the newly elected  officers. I look forward to working with you over the next two years. 

The National Session this November has  been changed to be conducted entirely on zoom over the course of two days. Committees will all meet via zoom at a designated time before session to go over present policy and the submitted resolutions.
I am intrigued to see how this works and  look forward to virtually seeing all of the National Officers and Delegates, even if it is on a computer screen. As with any organization we have to remember to be flexible, especially during a pandemic. 
As a reminder the State Grange has a  Zoom account where we can set up virtual meetings for your Grange. This is to help with social distancing and with winter coming, in case of bad weather. As a reminder, members do not need to have a  computer with internet access, as long as they have a phone, they are able to call into the meeting. You just won’t be able to see them.
Just let me know when and what time you  need a meeting and I can forward you a link to share with your members.
Until next time…….
Stay Safe and Stay healthy.

​​Welcome to 2021!!!!!!
​May this new year be ever so much better than the last.

​​While I am skeptical of a vaccine that has been produced in a very short period of time, I am signed up to receive mine. Several years ago on a tour with the delegates of National Grange we visited a Pfizer facility in Connecticut, it was explained to us how a new pill takes roughly 20 years to be developed from inception to trials and then to FDA approval. I also know that the individuals responsible for developing a vaccine are a lot smarter than I am in that field. I also know that this type of a vaccine has been in research and in the works for several years. So in my honest opinion, doing as you believe is best for you and your body, but I believe that by getting this vaccine and wearing a mask will lead to a return of some sense of normalcy. I look forward to the idea of meeting with all who wish to join us in October, and hopefully with fewer restrictions.

​​Learn from Past to know the future
In the Seventh Degree we are taught to learn from the annals of the past that we know of the future. Let's start this new year by learning from the past year, and knowing what we need to do to be prepared in the future. We need to prepare our pantries to ensure we have supplies for our families and our friends. We need to prepare our cleaning supplies to make sure we are able to clean and sanitize our homes and our bodies. From what I have learned is that as with the flu and common cold, cleanliness is the best defense against the spread of infection. While it may be hard to do, limit your exposure to those outside your close group of friends and family.  ​​In this, and as a reminder the Michigan State Grange has a Zoom account and can allow Granges to host meetings and special events via zoom. Contact Connie or myself to reserve your meeting time.

​​I would like to say, this is the time of year when we plan our events for the rest of the year. However, our meetings are on hold until our Governor and her team of advisors agree that we can start to meet inside in groups, with the understanding of social distancing and mask wearing. There is not a lot that can be planned properly over the phone, email, or even snail mail. Therefore I leave you with what little advice I can, whether it be useful or not, do your best!! NO one can expect more from you than your best. Plan as if we will be able to do all the things we have in years past, hope for the best, and pray for a healing in this country.

​​Until next time!!!!!!!!!!