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Welcome to Summer
This past month has been a reminder that we are heading into the warmest months we get to experience. Just when you think we have a little more time before it gets really hot and muggy, you realize school is out for the summer and right around the corner is Midwest Youth and Junior Camp. This year, we as a region have deiced to try something most of the regions around the country have been doing for a few years now and have a joint Great Lakes Grange Leaders Conference and the Midwest Youth/Young Adult/Junior Camp at the same time in the same location. Last October, Home Grange #129 in Ceresco offered to be the host to the Midwest Youth/Junior conference this past June, then sometime during the winter the Masters and other leaders had a discussion leading to the decision of having a joint conference. While Sister Jackie Bishop was all for hosting the Youth and Juniors she was a little unsure about hosting a whole slew of other fine Grangers. All in all, we had a great Conference. A special Thank you to all who were involved in the planning of this conference and to those who helped supply meals and goodies to those attending. I need to give a Special Thank you to Connie Johnston and Sharon Popler whom did most of the arranging of the schedule, Jackie Bishop whom planned the meals and arranged for the food to be ready when it was meal time, the members of Home Grange who helped with providing the goodies, the members of Fredonia Grange #1713 for a great Breakfast Sunday morning, Roland Winter for opening his museum for the members of the rest of the region to view. Also, to National Master Betsy Huber for attending, National Youth Director Charlene Espenshade and her team for taking care of the Youth Programs, and National Junior Director Samantha Wilkins for taking care of the Junior portions of the conference. Once again it goes to show that when Grangers work together great things can be accomplished. During the wrap up meeting of the Conference it was decided that we should continue with this type of Conference and have jointly decided to change the name of the two separate conferences to one unified name of Midwest Grange Leadership Conference (it even has a Facebook page already up and running). Thanks again to all involved in the planning, preparation and execution of this great weekend.

Grange Revival
Mark your calendars for July 23 – 28, 2019, and get your campers or tents ready to head to Mulberry Mountain Lodge in Ozark, Arkansas. The National Grange is planning a week of activities, fun and fellowship for members of all ages. There are several members from around the Nation that have taken on responsibilities for planning activities for all members of different age groups and even one for new members. Pricing for the camp is coming soon but from what I have seen and heard it looks to be an exciting and fun filled experience for all. If you have any questions feel free to ask myself and I will see what I can do to find the answers for you. You can also stay up-to-date with information on the “Grange Revival.”

Michigan Grange Pins
As you have probably heard the newest Michigan Grange pins have arrived and are ready to be purchased. The cost is only $5.00 plus shipping. They are available from the Michigan State Grange Secretary. The funds raised from the sale of these pins is being set aside for the celebration that only comes around once very 150 years. In 2023 the Michigan State Grange will be celebrating 150 years of service to the people of the Great State of Michigan.

I know this may sound silly of me to ask, but the earlier the resolutions are submitted to the Michigan State Grange Secretary the earlier we can get them out to the chairman of the session committees. They are due no later than October 1st to the State Secretary and remember, they must be signed and dated by the Master and Secretary with the date they were adopted in your Grange. I say lets work on getting them in a little earlier than we have in years past, knowing that most Grangers are procrastinators I figured a little push early on would help this process along.

Until next time!!! Stay Cool this Summer, Enjoy Life, Enjoy Grange, and get out and enjoy this great state we live in………….


Great Lakes Grange Leaders Conference
In June, Grangers from the entire region will be moving into Home Grange in Ceresco for a weekend. Along with the Youth Young Adults and Juniors from the region for a joint conference. This is a trial run of what has the potential of being an educational meeting and assist in breaking the barriers between the “wiser” generation and the younger generations, to give the organization a push in the right direction. We will be having joint workshops and separated workshops as well as tours of various locations. Sleeping arrangements are sleeping on the hall floor, camping in the Grange hall yard with no electrical or sanitary hookups, or other lodging arrangements can be made at near by motels/hotels. For more information see the Lecturer’s column.

Grange Revival
For those of you who receive the Grange Today magazine, a publication of the National Grange, you will be reading about the Grange Revival Camp coming next year (2019). While this is just in the beginning stages of planning, this will be a five-day event, July 23 – 28, of relaxation and fellowship with many opportunities available for different activities on your own or with Grangers from across the country. Look for further information at “Grange Revival” on Facebook or http://grangerevival.com to sign up to get information as it becomes available. More information to come in future editions of the Michigan Grange News.

American Handicraft Raffle
The National Grange Foundation is having a fundraising raffle. The Prizes are 1st place - Queen Size (77” x 90”) Garden Path Quilt made from Blocks submitted to the 2017 National Grange Lecturer’s Contest; 2nd place - Spiderweb Star quilted table Runner (16”x63”); 3rd place - Hand painted Patriotic Saw (26” blade). Tickets are a $5 donation, and since it is for the Foundation it is a tax-deductible donation. Tickets can be purchased be contacting myself.

Michigan State Grange Officers
For those officers wishing to NOT seek re election this October please make it known the Michigan State Grange Secretary, in accordance with the letter you should have received by now from her.

Michigan State Grange Fundraiser
The gold pins with the shape of Michigan and the Grange emblem are available at the cost of $5.00 each with the funds going towards the 150th celebration of the Michigan State Grange, that will occur in 2023. If you or your Grange are interested in them please contact the Michigan State Grange Secretary.