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Convention Recap
During the recent convention, many resolutions were presented and discussed. Several of them were passed. This is what this organization is about, Grassroots! These resolutions came from Grange members and were presented to their Subordinate Grange. Those passed came to State Session where they are discussed, debated about and finally voted on. Those that passed will then go on to National Session if they aren’t a local or state issue. It makes me proud that we have several resolutions going to the National Session this year.

I would like to extend my thanks to the members of the host region for a job well done. I think everyone enjoyed their time there and a lot of work was accomplished. Thanks to the Fifth Degree Team for a great degree presentation.

During the banquet the Juniors sold 50/50 raffle tickets with the funds going to the Michigan School for the Deaf Christmas party and sponsoring a child or two. We would like to thank everyone that purchased tickets. And a huge thank you to Ron Ely who donated half his winnings back to the cause. The total amount given for the MSD Christmas party was $302.00.

A couple officers changes to note are Overseer, Sharon Popler; Lecturer, Jackie Bishop; Assistant Steward, Bob Persons; Lady Assistant Steward, Sandy Persons; and Pomona, Marybeth Bower. Welcome to your new positions, I know you’ll do great!

​​There may be some department director changes coming soon. I’m hoping to have a full slate of directors for the departments set this year. In the next MGN, you’ll want to watch for the program book. With new directors, I’m sure there will be some exciting programs and contests to enter!

National Session
In a couple weeks, Connie and I will be attending the National Grange Convention in Stowe, Vermont.  We are excited to continue representing Michigan as your delegates. Next year we are part of the hosting region. If you are planning to attend this year’s session, we could use some help manning a booth in the showcase of excellence room to promote the 2019 National Session. If you are able to help out, please let me know.

Michigan Grange Pin

At session, many of you had the chance to see the pin in person and even purchased a few. Now if you have one, show it off and encourage everyone to purchase their own. The proceeds are going towards our 150th celebration. The cost of the pin will be $5.00 per pin, and will be available through the State Secretary. All efforts will be made to hand deliver the pins if someone will be in the area. However, if the pins are to be shipped there will be a small charge for shipping.

Christmas and New Year
As we are headed into the Holiday season let us be mindful of the shut-ins that would love to hear from you. We should also remember those who are less fortunate; so, make some time for those who could use just a little bit more. Also, lets take some time to slow down and think about what we need to be planning so as to make next year a Great Grange year.

Until the next time.......

Burns Grange #160

Net Gain:
White Pigeon #1345
​Burns #160
Studley #1174

Oceana Center #1047
​Gratiot #1898
​Rome #293
Kinny #754
​Mosherville #1351
​Community #1675
Home #129
​Plymouth/Westland #389
​Burr Oak #1350
​Barnard #689


Welcome to Fall!!!
Ok well almost, there has been a few days in between those insufferable ones that have resembled fall. I am looking forward to fall, the grandeur of mother nature truly expresses herself with the changing of color of leaves. Turning Michigan into a gorgeous painting. While there are many things I enjoy about this upcoming time of year, one of my favorites is convention. We work so hard in our respective Granges throughout the year, towards the betterment of Rural and Urban Michigan. Convention is the time we get together and celebrate our accomplishments and look towards what we can accomplish next year, while reminiscing with old friends and hopefully meeting new ones, that all share the one true common interest we call a fraternity. Our fraternity has stood the test of time and we should be planning and preparing to ensure it remains in touch with our roots, and with the needs of our hometowns, our counties and our state. We can accomplish this through writing sensible and factual resolutions that can and will put our organization in closer relationships with our legislators.

We are excited to be visiting a Grange in Southwest Michigan for our Convention this fall. West Oshtemo Grange is the hosting facility for our meetings and displays with the church across the road hosting our meals. The Grange hall does have a new elevator that makes this facility handicap accessible. Region 3 is also providing lunches at either the church or the Grange hall for the cost of a donation so that we don’t have to travel into town for that meal. Elsewhere in the edition of the MGN is more detailed information in regards to the convention. I am also excited to have a long time friend as our National Rep. Lynette Shaffer, NG Exec. Committee member and her husband Don will be joining us from the state of Illinois for the duration of our convention.

Reminder that this is a full election year with all officers with the exception of one Executive Committee member will be up for election this year and we will also vote on two members of the board of Director of the Michigan State Grange Foundation.

National Information
This November we will be in Stowe, Vermont for the National Grange Convention. It would be great to see all of you make the trip and visit the Northeast Region for the National Convention.
Next Summer (2019), The National Grange is hosting a Grange Revival in Arkansas. This will be a great time to get together with Grange members from all across the Nation for some fellowship, fun, and relaxation with Brothers and Sisters of the order. Reservations are available now.
November 2019 we will be making the trek to Minnesota for the National Convention that Michigan is co-hosting with Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Many hands make light work, so if you are looking for something to do, come on out and we can find something for you to do.

Michigan Pins
The new pins are still available at the cost of only $5. They will be at the convention. The funds from the sale of this pin will be used towards the 150th Michigan State Grange Convention in 2023.
Until next time………