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National Grange
Throughout this year, the National Grange is asking all Granges to have a celebration in honor of 150 years of service to America. Since Grange month is just around the corner, this may be the best time to consider having a Grange celebration. However, you are not limited to do this during the month of April. Since we are in the Northern climate we may want to consider having a celebration during the summer when it is slightly warmer. (While we still encourage you to take part in the Grange month programs your Grange has normally taken part in.) We at the State Grange would appreciate you informing us if you are planning to have a celebration so that we could make an attempt to be there and we can pass along some footage and information to National Grange. If you choose to post pictures or information about your celebration on social media, please include the tag “#150yearsofGrange” to your post.

In the most recent edition of the National Grange Electronic publication called “The Patrons Chain” there is an article that may be of interest to some of our Granges. The article talks about a possible grant program that can be used to upgrade your Grange hall’s kitchen to a commercial kitchen. Your Commercial kitchen could be used to help entrepreneurs get their small business that requires a commercial kitchen up and running, by renting them the kitchen. This could be used to further supplement your financial well being as well as a means of getting new Grange members. If you do not currently receive “The Patrons Chain” contact National Grange Communications Director Amanda Brozana and see about getting added to the email list.

Michigan State Grange 150 Years of Service
In 2023 the Michigan State Grange will celebrate 150 years of service to the State of Michigan. In preparation for this great celebration we will have; the Executive Committee has approved getting some pins made through Monroe Classics that will be gold in color and the shape of Michigan with the Grange emblem in the middle of it. They will sell through the Michigan State Grange office for $5.00 each. The funds will be used to help with the cost of the celebration.

In the next few weeks I will be asking people to serve on the planning committee for the 150th celebration, so when the phone rings and it is me on the other end, just say “I’d be delighted!” It really does make the job easier.

State Officers
During the convention, a resolution was passed for me to assign Granges for each of you to visit. In the next couple of weeks, I will be pairing you each up with Granges to visit. I would like each of you to make contact with the Master of the Grange you are to visit and see if there is anything you are going to be expected to discuss or to do at the meeting you are attending. If there is anything they expect you to do that you are not familiar with, please let me know and I will guide you through whatever it is they expect of you. I would hope that the Granges expect you to do more than just sit idly on the side of the room.

GOOD DAY! Magazine
If you subscribed to the National Grange’s new quarterly publication GOOD DAY!, they are making their way to mailboxes. If you haven’t subscribed, it is never too late to do so! The cost is only $14.00 for the year.

Spring has Sprung
The grass is green, and a million leafy banners are beginning to be unfurled. Temperatures are rising, we are seeing rain fall and not snow. What does this all mean? Yes it means that as you drive through the rural areas of our great state, you will be seeing the big machines that can, through modern engineering, transform brown boring fields in to these amazing production plants without many workers. These production plants from all across the country have the ability to feed millions of individuals around the world. In the last 150 years of the National Grange we have influenced education to our farmers on methods of increasing production without increasing tillable soil. Over the next 8 years the agriculture industry has to again revolutionize their means of producing products to be able to feed approximately 25% more individuals around the world. So, the question is what can we as Grange members do to assist in this process? Just to let you all know of our impact on Federal legislation that impacts the local farmers ability to do their job and to do it better and still turn a profit. We have been invited to take part in the beginning process towards the 2018 Farm bill. Sen. Debbie Stabenow has invited us to be part of the open house style discussion on the process to organizing the Farm Bill.

State Grange Session
This year’s annual session will be held at the Comstock Inn and Conference Center in Owosso, MI. In the next issue of the Michigan Grange News, we will have more pertinent information pertaining to the convention.
Also as a reminder to the members of Region 3 that we should have a location for next year’s convention announced at the convention this year.

National Session 2019
It has been announced that in 2019, we will be helping to host the National Grange Session in Minnesota. We are looking forward to taking the National Grange back to the home state of the Father of the Grange, Oliver Hudson Kelley. In the coming months and years the Midwest region State Masters will be working diligently to make this another great successful convention.

National Grange Announcement
The National Grange has proudly announced that Worthy National Master Betsy Huber, has been appointed to the Federal Communication Counsel’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee. Congratulations Betsy!!!