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Is Fall Finally Here?
It seemed as though Fall may never find its way to Michigan, However, if you have stepped outside in the last day or so you may have noticed a significant decrease in the temperatures. While I am excited for this season I am most definitely not looking forward to the next. But let’s remember that the third degree of our
order is emblematic of the harvest season. While it seems that it is getting too cold outside to be doing too much, I think it would be awesome if a Grange were to do the exemplification of the third degree outside with the natural decorations mother nature has provided.

Convention Recap
During the recent Convention many issues were discussed and decided upon. One of the many topics of discussion evolved around the idea of finding a central location for the hosting of the annual convention. It was determined to establish a committee to research the impact of having the convention in the same location for several years. It was intended that the now 4 hosting regions would continue to bare the expense of hosting just in the central location chosen. If you are interested in being on the committee please get a hold of me and let me know. Also passed this year, was the By-Law being changed from 5 regions to 4 regions.

The New regions as set by the Michigan State Grange Executive Committee are as follows:
Region 1: Barnard, Harbor Springs, Torch Lake, Summit City, Fern, and Oceana Center.
Region 2: Gratiot, Studley, Burns, Capital, Maple Leaf, Kinney, and Carlisle.
Region 3: West Oshtemo, Home, Fredonia, Colon, White Pigeon, Burr Oak, and Community.
Region 4: Mosherville, Adams, North Adrian, Rome, Lime Creek, Pittsfield Union, and Plymouth/Westland.

I would like to extend the gratitude of the National Grange Youth Department on our contributions of $444.77. These funds are donated to the National Grange Foundation Youth Leadership Fund. For those of you who are connected on Facebook might recognize this as the Pie in the Face campaign. For certain
designated amounts, when funds raised meet the amount, another selected individual will have the pleasure of receiving a pie to the face during the National Convention. When the goal amount of $10,000 is raised, the National Master will receive a pie to the face.

During the banquet the youth department did their annual 50/50 raffle with the funds being used to help a youth member with her travel expenses to National Grange. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Sister Kathryn Strouse, the raffle winner, who graciously donated a large sum of her winnings back to the youth department.

Finally, we were honored to have the Past Secretary and Past Executive Committee member of the Michigan State Grange Sister Wilma Howe with us for the convention for the first time in several years. It was great to see her smiling face in the crowd once again.

National Grange Gala
In December, the National Grange is planning a Gala to celebrate the 150th birthday of the National Grange. Senator Debbie Stabenow is now planning to attend the event to be hosted at the historic Decatur House located in the same block as the National Grange building. I will also be in attendance and will be serving as host to the Senator. This is a great opportunity for the Grange in Michigan to be able to discuss different topics of concern for our members here in Michigan. There are also opportunities to be a sponsor of the Gala. Go to the National Grange website to make a donation and have your name listed as a sponsor.

New Grange Pin
The Executive Committee has commissioned a new Michigan Grange Pin, with the proceeds going towards our 150th celebration coming in just 6 short years. The cost of the pin will be $5.00 per pin, and will be available through the State Secretary. All efforts will be made to hand deliver the pins if someone will be in the area. However, if the pins are to be shipped there will be a small charge for shipping.
Until next time…….


One of the highest honors we can bestow upon our Brothers and Sisters is to be recognized as a Very Important Patron. Brother RICH HAZEN, Fredonia Grange #1713, received this honor during the recent Michigan State Grange Convention in Owosso. However, with everything else going on in the last issue of the MGN this was overlooked. I personally apologize to Brother Rich and to the members of Fredonia Grange #1713. Brother Rich is very deserving of this award. I have had the pleasure to work with him in the past and know that he has earned his ranks as the 2017 Very Important Patron.

National Grange
With this being a full election year at National Grange here is the run down of officers: Master, Betsy Huber PA, Overseer, Phil Prelli CT, Lecturer, Christine Hamp WA, Steward, Chip Narvel DE, Asst. Steward John Plank IN, Lady Asst. Steward, Brenda Rouselle VT, Chaplain, Barbara Bordereux FL, Treasurer, Dwight Baldwin IA, Secretary, Judy Sherrod TN. Gatekeeper, Chris Johnston MI, Ceres, Cindy Greer CO, Pomona, Susan Noah OR, Flora, Lena Shufeldt OK, Exec Comm, Leroy Watson NH, Lynette Schaffer IL, Steven Coye NY, Duane Scott WI. High Priest of Demeter Bruce Croucher NY, Priest Archon Roger Bostwick KS, Priest Annalist James Owens ME.

​​I look forward to working with this group of individuals over the next two years.

After we had made the journey back home from the convention in Spokane WA. We started looking forward to the National Grange Gala that was held on December 4th at the Decatur House and Carriage House in Washington D. C. This was the official 150th birthday celebration of the National Grange. During the reception I had the pleasure to meet and speak with Sen. Debbie Stabenow. While we talked about issues facing rural Michigan, we got the opportunity to learn more about each other’s background. After a brief meet and greet we moved into presentations where National Master Betsy Huber presented two Champions of Rural America Awards. One was presented to Sen. Stabenow and the other was presented to Sen. Susan Collins from Maine. Before the Gala, two Congressmen were presented the same award in their office. They were Rep. Collin Peterson from Minnesota and Rep. Greg Walden from Oregon. The awards were presented to these four due impart to their unwavering dedication to the advancement of rural America. It was an honor to be on hand to help present these awards.

State Grange Pins
A few months ago, the Executive Committee approved a pin to be commissioned to be sold to raise funds for the Michigan State Grange’s 150th celebration coming up in 2023. The cost of the pin is $5.00 and can be ordered thru the State Secretary. If shipping is required to get them to you there will be shipping costs added to the total cost.


Also available are Grange “Do-ers” Challenge coins. The cost of those is $20.00. These can be requested through me and I will see how many are still available from the Washington State Grange.