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Welcome to Spring!!!!!
Well almost, we can hope can’t we. In a few short weeks, the snow will be melting away, grass will be turning green, tulips will start to emerge from dormancy, and a new life will come to Michigan. Then the
mosquitoes will return and we will be waiting for the first hard frost to send them back to hiding. We have to pick which we prefer the frozen tundra or the vibrant summer… I am always excited for Spring when we can get back outside and enjoy the fresh air that doesn’t slap you in the face from the freezing temps. Yet I enjoy the thoughts of relaxing through the Winter. But seriously, as we prepare to get back to our favorite outdoor activities, and begin to watch Earth spring back to life, I am hopeful that our Grange halls can open, our meetings can resume, and life as we knew it returns to some sort of normalcy.
As the stipulations allow and we are able to open our Grange halls, let’s pack them especially in April during Grange month and remind our friends and neighbors we are still here and still serving the needs of our communities. National Grange is again offering materials for Grange Month with the theme “Cultivating Connections”. You can go to their website to get flyers and such to advertise an open house or an activity you might have planned. Remember this is usually when we honor those special people in the community with deserving awards. The Community Service program promotes the VIP (Very Important Patron) award for Grange members as well as Dedicated Worker for a member in your community. Also remember there are awards for Police, Teacher and Firefighter of the Year that are part of the National Grange Community
Service program! 

National Grange
National Grange announces a new Membership and Leadership Director. Amanda Brozana-Rios is making the leap from the Communications Directors post to membership and will still be working on the Good Day magazine publication. Joe Stefanoni, the former Membership Director, has recently accepted a position outside the organization, however he still serves as the Overseer of the California State Grange.  Kennedy Gwin, from the state of Washington has been working as an intern with Amanda, is now taking over the Communications department in the role of Communications Manager. She will continue to work with Amanda as she gains her way in the new position. Congratulations to Amanda and Kennedy, we look forward to seeing what you have to offer in your new positions, and we wish Joe good luck in his future endeavors.
150th Anniversary Committee
I’m pleased to announce Rich Hazen has agreed to chair the committee to celebrate our 150th Anniversary. He’ll be getting his committee together to come up with ideas for this celebration in 2 years. If he should
happen to contact you for your assistance with the celebration, I hope you will consider participating. As a reminder, we still have plenty of pins for sale that will help raise funds for his committee to put to good use.
Please consider purchasing one, two or more so they can put together a special celebration.
Until next time…….
Stay Safe and Stay healthy.

​​Welcome to 2021!!!!!!
​May this new year be ever so much better than the last.

​​While I am skeptical of a vaccine that has been produced in a very short period of time, I am signed up to receive mine. Several years ago on a tour with the delegates of National Grange we visited a Pfizer facility in Connecticut, it was explained to us how a new pill takes roughly 20 years to be developed from inception to trials and then to FDA approval. I also know that the individuals responsible for developing a vaccine are a lot smarter than I am in that field. I also know that this type of a vaccine has been in research and in the works for several years. So in my honest opinion, doing as you believe is best for you and your body, but I believe that by getting this vaccine and wearing a mask will lead to a return of some sense of normalcy. I look forward to the idea of meeting with all who wish to join us in October, and hopefully with fewer restrictions.

​​Learn from Past to know the future
In the Seventh Degree we are taught to learn from the annals of the past that we know of the future. Let's start this new year by learning from the past year, and knowing what we need to do to be prepared in the future. We need to prepare our pantries to ensure we have supplies for our families and our friends. We need to prepare our cleaning supplies to make sure we are able to clean and sanitize our homes and our bodies. From what I have learned is that as with the flu and common cold, cleanliness is the best defense against the spread of infection. While it may be hard to do, limit your exposure to those outside your close group of friends and family.  ​​In this, and as a reminder the Michigan State Grange has a Zoom account and can allow Granges to host meetings and special events via zoom. Contact Connie or myself to reserve your meeting time.

​​I would like to say, this is the time of year when we plan our events for the rest of the year. However, our meetings are on hold until our Governor and her team of advisors agree that we can start to meet inside in groups, with the understanding of social distancing and mask wearing. There is not a lot that can be planned properly over the phone, email, or even snail mail. Therefore I leave you with what little advice I can, whether it be useful or not, do your best!! NO one can expect more from you than your best. Plan as if we will be able to do all the things we have in years past, hope for the best, and pray for a healing in this country.

​​Until next time!!!!!!!!!!