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Summer has arrived
We are back to the season of the Second degree of Summer. Where the weather is warmer (well frankly hot) and gardens are growing. Rain has been an issue all over the state. Getting spotty showers. While that is still rain, we really just need a few good steady soaking rain or two to help the crops and to keep the lawns green.
Covid Restrictions
So far the state appears to be heading in the right direction with vaccinations and reaching the herd immunity. Plans are for all restrictions to be lifted July 1st. This opens up our Grange Halls and allows us to get back to our regular activities. Time to plan a “Re-Opening” celebration open house to welcome
back members and to attract potential new members.
Membership Recognition
It has come to my attention that some Granges around the state have not been presenting years of membership awards. So as a reminder the Michigan State Grange has a 10 year award and the National Grange has 25, 50, 55,60,65,70 and so on year awards. All awards need to be requested through the State Secretary. After members have given any number of years to the organization, recognition awards are just a small token of showing our appreciation for all they have done over those years.

​Grange Revival
I believe there is still time to join fellow Grangers across the country in the second Grange Revival being held in Sturgis, South Dakota. There are currently over 120 registered. The dates are July 20-25th. There is a bus trip to Mt. Rushmore Friday evening to watch the night lighting of the monument. A few other activities are planned throughout the week such as a corn hole tournament, dutch oven breakfasts and dessert days, a s'mores night, bingo, quilt blocks and other random activities. Not to mention all the
sites around there to see! Go to www.grangerevival.com to get more information on costs, lodging options
and registration. It’s gonna be a fun time that you don’t want to miss.
150th Celebration in Michigan
The committee is beginning to meet to plan a celebration of our 150th birthday. Keep watch for exciting things from this committee. There may be fundraisers coming up so that they can make this a grand celebration. I’m sure if you have an idea or suggestion, they would be willing to hear them.

​State Session
With the Covid restrictions lifting, it looks like the Michigan State Grange session will go on as planned. Of course, this is being said with hopefully no other restrictions being placed between now and then. Hope to see you at Bay Valley Resort in October.
Until next time……………..

​​Grange Revival 2021
If you are planning or even thinking about going to South Dakota this summer with fellow Grangers from across the country, now is the time to register and get your sites reserved. July 20-25 are the dates for when Sturgis, South Dakota won’t know what hit them. There will be Grange members just like you and me from all across the country converging on their town, and having a good time. In the plans is of course food (can’t have a Grange function without food), fishing, cards, campfires, and a lighting ceremony at Mt. Rushmore. Some of you remember the days of the Michigan Camping Patrons, this is similar only on a much bigger scale. Consider making the journey, and making new friends. If you don’t have a camper or a tent, they do have cabins available or there are a few hotels near the campground. Go to for more information such as the campground, cost, and registration information.

150th Celebration in Michigan
In just 2 short years Michigan State Grange will be celebrating its 150th annual session. We will be in the host region 5 that year and the plans for our celebration will be coming together in the near future. I have asked Brother Rich Hazen to chair the committee, and he will most likely be asking for some assistance in one form or another.

State Session 
Michigan State Grange session is only 6 months away and we will be (restrictions permitting) meeting in Bay City at Bay Valley Resort. Keep your eye on future editions of the Michigan Grange News for further information.  

During the Pandemic
 While we are continuing to struggle with this pandemic, remember our elderly members who are unable to get out. Maybe send them a card or a phone call to see if they need anything. Many times we get so wrapped up in what we are doing we forget about those who really need the help. We as Grangers have always been known for helping the less fortunate and sometimes we forget that some of those people are our Brothers and Sisters.  

Remember our motto:

In essentials; Unity,
In non-essentials: Liberty.
In all things; Charity

​​Be safe, enjoy the Springtime, have some fun, live life to the fullest.

Until next time……………..