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What a challenge these last few months  have been. I appreciate everyone who followed my decision to shutdown all Grange operations in the state. I know this has been especially difficult for those of us who have fundraising functions during this time. I understand the financial hardship this has put on our Granges and we can only hope for the best in the future

In the meantime as we await the Governor to allow everybody in the state to again assemble and meet as we need to, the Michigan State Grange Executive Committee has purchased a subscription to  Zoom that is available to all of our Granges for meetings. If you are interested in using this option let me know and I can set up your meeting for you. For those who are not familiar with this program it is typically  used as a video conference call on the internet, however you can also use any phone to call into the meeting. 
State Session
Due to the pandemic we are making  changes to the convention (Hopefully) just for this year. We will be meeting only on Saturday October 24th. During this meeting there will be no display room, no committee meetings, no conferral of the fifth and sixth  degrees. We will open in the Sixth degree at 8 am, break for lunch, and finish in the afternoon. We will also be approving the budget, electing the officers, discussing the resolutions on the floor, having a short memorial service, and a short version of installation of officers. We will conclude with a banquet. 

​​Side note, as soon as 
possible, please get your resolutions into the state Secretary. I would like to email a copy of the resolutions and the proposed budget to the delegates ahead of the convention to give them ample time to review those before we get to the session to limit discussion time. In addition to that, when you fill out your delegate information please include a good email for the delegates. The earlier in October I have that information, the earlier I can get it back out to the delegates. 
I do realize that our By-Laws indicate what  time and day we will begin our convention, however, due to everything we have going on today in the world, due to the susceptibility to our members contracting this virus, we really want to limit the amount  of time we are together. The various department directors are outlining their plans for their respective departments in this edition of the Michigan Grange News. 

are also asking that the session be limited  to Officers, Department Directors, and Delegates only.  More information is to come,but if you have  any questions please let me know and I will answer them to the best of my ability. 

National Grange
The National Grange had decided, before  we decided on our session, that they were also going to limit the attendance and length of the National Grange Session. National will only be Tuesday and Wednesday instead of a full week. There will be no  conferral of the seventh degree. And National is also being limited to Officers and Delegates and a few members of staff. 
Until next time…….
Stay Safe and Stay healthy.

If any of you are like me, you are sick and tired of hearing about Covid-19. While watching the news and hoping there is something else going on, be sure to pay attention to what is being said about the Coronavirus. Pay attention to the ways to prevent it from coming into your house. But with all the confusing partisan arguments surrounding the virus please do your own research if you have the ability. For those of us on social media the arguments have been going back and forth on how to prevent it, how long to shelter in place.

There have been some rules in Gov. Whitmers Shelter in place extension order that I don’t agree with, yet at the same time for the safety of myself, my family, and my community I will abide by those orders. (Side note, the weather has not been conducive to putting the boat in the water yet anyways.)

During the “Shelter in place” National Grange has been providing some Facebook live episodes. They have included Lecturers Programs, Membership programs, Grange Ritual discussions and the relevance of the ritual in today's society, and the Saturday evening date night with talented members from across the country sharing their talents. I encourage you if you have Facebook to check out the National Grange Facebook page and follow them and listen in on their various shows. Past National Grange Executive Committee member Marty Billquist is doing weekly auctions on Facebook with the proceeds going to the National Grange Foundation, he is auctioning off different items from the Montana Silversmith, This is on his personal page.

Michigan State Grange Activity Suspension
​I want to thank you all for abiding by my directive to suspend all Grange activities in Michigan. While at the time of me writing this article, the Michigan Legislature has announced that they will not extend the Governor’s shelter in place order again. Make sure that as we prepare to reopen the economy that we are still taking precautions to protect our members and our guests at Grange events from any possible spread of this virus. Thank you.

Grange Revival 2.0
​July 20-25, 2021 Save the date. For all of the campers and those less adventurous, we will be traveling to Sturgis, South Dakota. There will be excursions to Mount Rushmore, Devils tower, and many other activities for everyone to participate in. Coming soon to MSG website will be more information about the revival.