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INFORMATION AWARDS by Peggy Johnston, Information Director

Adams #286, Barnard #689, Burns #160, Burr Oak #1350, Carlisle #812, Colon #215, Community #1675, Fern #803, Fredonia #1713, Gratiot #1898, Harbor Springs #730, Home #129, Kinney #754, Mosherville #1351, North Adrian #721, Oceana Center #1047, Pittsfield Union #882, Plymouth/Westland #389, Studley #1174, Summit City #672, Torch Lake #1840, West Oshtemo #1630.


​​Happy New Year Everyone! Wow 2020….already! Let’s all work together for a Wonderful, successful, lots of growth, Grange year!

Shortly the Legislative Policy Booklets, Journal of Proceedings, Rosters and By-Laws will be on their way. We email as many as we can and send the others on their way through the USPS. These will be sent to the Master’s and Secretaries as well as the State Officers and Department Directors. Please share them with other members. If you need extra copies emailed or mailed be sure to let me know.

Y​ou may have already received (if not soon you will) the large manila envelope from me containing the quarterly report forms, instructions, and for some of you that still use them, the Subordinate reports to Pomona. Please keep these in a safe place so you have them for the year. There are two copies of the report forms for each for your records and one to mail to the State Office with your check.

​Something that has been brought to my attention lately on more than one occasion, actually, is Grange’s that don’t always take minutes of the meetings. As Secretary of your Grange it is your responsibility to take minutes of each and every Grange meeting. It’s important to have the records of what takes place at each meeting for many reasons. Something might come up that you need to check back to see what action was taken on a particular subject, or need proof of it. It may not always be
possible for you to be at every meeting, so if you can, arrange for someone else to take the minutes for you or have your Master appoint someone to do it for that one meeting, just make sure it is done.