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We now have reprints of four of the previous Deaf Awareness Posters. Contact me if you wish to have posters, etc.

American Manual Alphabet: This poster is one that we did not have to reprint. This poster could be used in schools, churches, libraries, Grange Halls or anywhere that people come in contact with deaf or hearing impaired people. For example, our Grange delivered Dictionaries to a third grade classroom, along with Deaf Awareness items (one being the Manual Alphabet poster) and in one of the thank you’s we received, one of the students had learned the alphabet. Another third grade teacher had her students do their spelling words in sign language. There are many possibilities with this.

Your Noisy World Could Get Silent: This poster is a chart that shows the potential hearing hazard of the loudness of sounds combined with the length of exposure to sound and how it can create a permanent hearing loss. Preventions are suggested on this poster. It shows the decibels of many electronic devices that we are in contact with everyday.

Pledge of Allegiance: This poster could be placed in schools, Grange Halls, libraries, etc. An idea that can be used is to do parts of it at each of your Grange meetings until everyone can sign it.
Do You See the Signs: (of hearing loss) This poster could be placed in church nurseries, day care centers, pre-schools or wherever adults can view them. It is a poster to make parents aware of what an infant to 12 months should be able to do, from 12 months to 2 years, from 2 years to 4 years and 5 years old.

Grange Deaf Awareness: Awareness – communication is key to qualify of life – hearing loss is permanent- early detection and treatment is essential, etc. Education – educate the public with printed material, video programs, classroom instruction, special equipment, information, programs. Prevention- hearing protections used, hearing testing, newborn hearing screening, personal education.


I hope you all had a great summer as fall approaches.

I know it’s not the Christmas season yet but for the Adopt-a-Child Program, plans are being made as soon as school starts. I need to know if we have new Granges or Grangers who would like to Adopt-a-Child at the Michigan School for the Deaf and “honor” them at Christmas. The expressions on the faces of the child is worth the time to share what you can give. Most of those children would not have much of a Christmas without the generosity of you. Talk it over with your Granges and Grangers and give great thought to Adopting-a-Child.

With State Session approaching soon please look over the contests available to you. The contest and rules are in the Michigan State Grange Program Booklet. The Essay Contest is one. If you have Juniors in your Grange, encourage them to enter the Poster Contest. Look over the other contests in the Booklet also and see what is available and interests you.

If your Grange hasn’t donated to the Deaf Awareness Fun your contribution would be appreciated. We recognize a graduating senior at Michigan School for the Deaf with a $500.00 scholarship to help with furthering his/her education. Also $150.00 is contributed to the Alexander Graham Bell Association to help with their camp activities and supplies, each summer. At the Adopt-a-Child Christmas Party at the Michigan School for the Deaf the fund helps to pay for the pizza served at lunchtime for the students and teachers. (other food, beverage are donated by Grangers.)

Don’t forget to send me your Annual Deaf Awareness form by September 10th!! If you have a program that you would like to share please send it to me and I would share it with others. Also if you have marked at least 15 items, you will receive a special award. Whatever you mark, I am interested in what you are doing.

Don’t forget your Boxtops and labels for Education labels. Otherwise send them with your delegates or send them to me.

Have a good rest of summer and enjoy your fall.

Hope to see you at State Session.


You’re Invited!
Michigan School for the Deaf Christmas Party For our Adopt-a-Child Program
December 19. 2019
​11:00 a.m.
1235 W. Court Street, Flint, MI

If your Grange has never participated in the Adopt-a-child program, this might be the year to do so. A child is chosen for your Grange, information is given on what the child needs, or wants. Each Grange is asked to spend in the neighborhood of $50.00 on this child and wrap them in 3 packages, no more/ no less (no gift bags, please) Either bring them to the school the day of the party and witness their wonderful joy!  Or mail them to Peggy Johnston, 404 S. Oak Street, Durand, MI in time to be received prior to the party. Luanna will make sure that a picture of your child is taken and sent to you.

Glue sticks * Coloring books * Crayons
Educational games—ages 3-6 * Pencils
Crayola washable markers * 3 bean bag chairs”
7 prs. of child scissors * Any Deaf children’s Book (any) such as:
Moses Goes to School, Moses Goes to a Concert, Moses Goes to the
Circus, Dina the Deaf Dinosaur, I am Deaf, Mo Willems books,
Eric Brown Books, Building Train Track, Toddler/Preschool puzzles, Kids Music Set, Magnetic building set, Counting bears, Beanie Bags, Washable Paint, Wikki Sticks

​​The Wish List from the teachers at the Michigan School for the Deaf includes the items listed above so far. If you would like to purchase any of the items GREAT! You can bring them to the school Christmas party or mail them to Michigan State Grange, 404 S. Oak Street, Durand, MI 48429. If you would like to make a donation toward these supplies (and most likely other items that will be added to the list) shopping would be done for you. You can give money or a check to either Luanna Swainston or Peggy Johnston and earmark it “Wish List Supplies”. I know the teachers appreciate the items for their classrooms. Thanks for your consideration!

Burns #160, Gratiot #1898, Mid Michigan Pomona #61, Studley #1174, Rome #293, Fredonia #1713, West Oshtemo #1630, North Adrian #721, Barnard #689, Fern #803, Carlisle #812, Kinney #754, Plymouth/Westland #389, Mosherville #1351
Plymouth/Westland #389, Barnard #689, Burns #160, Gratiot #1898, Rome #293, Kinney #754, Home #129, Oceana Center #1047, Community #1675, Studley #1174, Mosherville #1351, Fredonia #1713, Carlisle #812, North Adrian #721 *** CharAn Pomona #38, Mid Michigan Pomona #61, St. Joe/Cass/Kalamazoo Pomona #4, Lenawee Pomona #15

Mosherville #1351, Plymouth/Westland #389 (2 students), Oceana Center #1047, Libbey Family (2 students), Barnard #689, Burr Oak #1350, Studley #1174, Marshall & Jackie Bishop, Burns #160, West Oshtemo #1630, St. Joseph/Cass/Kalamazoo Pomona #4, Kinney #754, Fredonia #1713, North Adrian #721, Mid Michigan Pomona #61, Rome #293, Gratiot #1898, Ted & Helen Mudd & Tricia Eidsmoe, Kent, Ottawa & Oceana Pomona #18, Phil and Luanna Swainston, Carlisle #812, Dale Moore & Peggy Johnston & Sharon Popler.

1st Place: Tom Smith West Oshtemto #1630
2nd Place: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
3rd Place: Janie Lerchen Plymouth/Westland #389

1st Place: Cory Johnston Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Marcus Johnston Burns JG #325