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We now have reprints of four of the previous Deaf Awareness Posters. Contact me if you wish to have posters, etc.

American Manual Alphabet: This poster is one that we did not have to reprint. This poster could be used in schools, churches, libraries, Grange Halls or anywhere that people come in contact with deaf or hearing impaired people. For example, our Grange delivered Dictionaries to a third grade classroom, along with Deaf Awareness items (one being the Manual Alphabet poster) and in one of the thank you’s we received, one of the students had learned the alphabet. Another third grade teacher had her students do their spelling words in sign language. There are many possibilities with this.

Your Noisy World Could Get Silent: This poster is a chart that shows the potential hearing hazard of the loudness of sounds combined with the length of exposure to sound and how it can create a permanent hearing loss. Preventions are suggested on this poster. It shows the decibels of many electronic devices that we are in contact with everyday.

Pledge of Allegiance: This poster could be placed in schools, Grange Halls, libraries, etc. An idea that can be used is to do parts of it at each of your Grange meetings until everyone can sign it.
Do You See the Signs: (of hearing loss) This poster could be placed in church nurseries, day care centers, pre-schools or wherever adults can view them. It is a poster to make parents aware of what an infant to 12 months should be able to do, from 12 months to 2 years, from 2 years to 4 years and 5 years old.

Grange Deaf Awareness: Awareness – communication is key to qualify of life – hearing loss is permanent- early detection and treatment is essential, etc. Education – educate the public with printed material, video programs, classroom instruction, special equipment, information, programs. Prevention- hearing protections used, hearing testing, newborn hearing screening, personal education.


May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Back in1927 the month of May was designated Better Hearing and Speech Month to raise awareness about the causes and treatments of hearing loss and speech impediments. On May 21, 1986, President Ronald Reagan issued a formal proclamation designating May as the official month to “Heighten public awareness” about hearing loss and speech disorders. His proclamation is as follows:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RONALD REAGAN, President of the United States of America, do hereby pro-claim the month of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month and call upon the People of the United States to observe this with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

I hope each Grange presents a program on Deaf and Hard of Hearing in some form. Let me know about your program and please provide a picture or two of your activity. Thanks in advance.

Your Grange should be receiving a Deaf Awareness Fund plea letter. Please consider contributing to this Fund. From this Fund we will be presenting a $500.00 scholarship to a graduating senior to help further their education, which we have presented for years. Graduation is Thursday, June 8 at 1:00 at the Michigan School for the Deaf in the Jeter Center located at 1235 W. Court Street in Flint.

With this Fund we also hope to help support the Alexander Graham Bell’s summer camp programs. This money is usually used for equipment and supplies for the campers.

With your help we will be able to help support these programs and maybe others. Individual contributions are also accepted and appreciated. Thanks!

There are many happenings in the months of May and June. There will be many graduations from high school and college. Here’s wishing them a successful future in starting college or successful career in whatever they endeavor.
  • Mother’s Day is May 14. Do something special for your mom. If she is not with you remember the good times you had with her.
  • Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have died trying to keep our country’s freedom
  • and support those who are now in the Military services and keep them safe. This year it is
  • recognized on May 29th.
  • Flag Day is June 14th and it is a day when we should proudly display our flags and not only the 14th but every day possible.
  • Father’s Day is on the 18th of June. Do something special for Dad! If he is not with you reminisce about the past when he was with you.
  • The First Day of Summer is June 21st. Warm weather should have arrived so you can enjoy doing things with family, vacationing, yard work, sprucing up the house, camping, etc.
I hope you have looked through the Program Booklet under the Deaf Awareness department to see what programs you can get involved in. Please consider the programs. Thanks!

Again, have a Better Hearing Month!!!


Perhaps I’m going deaf—
The words that seem to be falling
From your mouth
Come out so garbled
That even when you
Repeat them
Time and time again
What I’m hearing
Is “Let me tell you
Yet another lie.”—
Is that really your intent?
To continue the lies—
Or has my hearing
Degraded to the point
That those words
Are the only ones
My senses
Can detect?

I shake my head
Do my best
To clear it
To make way
For the message you seem so intent
To convey —
But no amount or clarification
Seems to come through—
Once again,
Interpreting your words,
“I’m Lying, lying, lying”
Is all I can hear from you.
It appears
That I most assuredly
Am going deaf —
For suddenly
I cannot even hear
Any sound you make —
It’s just not
Getting through…
It seems to me
Being deaf
Is certainly preferable
To hearing the lies


PARDON?                  SPEAK UP                          WHAT DID YOU SAY?

If you have been thinking about your hearing and whether you are having hearing difficulty take a look at the following situations and see if you can relate to any of these:
  • Is your family complaining they have to repeat themselves or that you have the TV up to loud? Hearing loss can creep up on you, so gradually, over a number of years you don’t notice the impairment right away and it can be the people around you that notice it before you do.
  • Are you turning the TV up for clarity but even then it still doesn’t seem clear enough and generally the only people to be speaking clearly are those reading the news? If you have a hearing impairment, turning the TV up may still not help with giving you the clarity you are after because you aren’t picking up the full range of sound.
  • Can you hear much better when someone is facing you? Without knowing it, you may have started to lip-read and read facial expressions more, we all do it to some degree but with hearing loss it becomes a more crucial part of understanding what is being said.
  • Do you feel yourself refraining from going into background noise situations due to having more difficulty hearing there than you used to? Listening with background noise is difficult, even for those with normal hearing but with a hearing impairment it becomes a lot harder to mask out background noise.
  • Are you frequently misunderstanding what is being said and it is becoming embarrassing? If you cannot hear particular frequencies of certain letters or words you start guessing what has been said from what you have hears. This can result in saying yes to things that you would have said no to or sadly missing the punch line to a joke.
Difficulty hearing conversations, your favorite music or programs on TV can be very frustrating. It can also be tiring and hard work due to the increased effort of concentration needed to listen, focus and lip read. It can be very easy to blame the person talking but recognizing the signs of hearing loss early can mean you can look at solutions to help improve your quality of life sooner. A chat with your GP is a good starting point or booking a hearing test with a hearing professional.

What Causes Hearing Loss?

  • An illness or infection
  • Certain medicines
  • Loud sounds, like from ma-chines or blasted music
  • Being born with ears that didn’t form well (on the inside or out-side)
  • Your genes
  • A very hard blow to the head
  • Problems during birth
Could I Have Hearing Loss?
You may have hearing loss if you:
  • Feel like people mumble
  • Often ask people to repeat what they said
  • Turn the TV up so much that other people find it too loud
  • Can’t hear the doorbell