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We now have reprints of four of the previous Deaf Awareness Posters. Contact me if you wish to have posters, etc.

American Manual Alphabet: This poster is one that we did not have to reprint. This poster could be used in schools, churches, libraries, Grange Halls or anywhere that people come in contact with deaf or hearing impaired people. For example, our Grange delivered Dictionaries to a third grade classroom, along with Deaf Awareness items (one being the Manual Alphabet poster) and in one of the thank you’s we received, one of the students had learned the alphabet. Another third grade teacher had her students do their spelling words in sign language. There are many possibilities with this.

Your Noisy World Could Get Silent: This poster is a chart that shows the potential hearing hazard of the loudness of sounds combined with the length of exposure to sound and how it can create a permanent hearing loss. Preventions are suggested on this poster. It shows the decibels of many electronic devices that we are in contact with everyday.

Pledge of Allegiance: This poster could be placed in schools, Grange Halls, libraries, etc. An idea that can be used is to do parts of it at each of your Grange meetings until everyone can sign it.
Do You See the Signs: (of hearing loss) This poster could be placed in church nurseries, day care centers, pre-schools or wherever adults can view them. It is a poster to make parents aware of what an infant to 12 months should be able to do, from 12 months to 2 years, from 2 years to 4 years and 5 years old.

Grange Deaf Awareness: Awareness – communication is key to qualify of life – hearing loss is permanent- early detection and treatment is essential, etc. Education – educate the public with printed material, video programs, classroom instruction, special equipment, information, programs. Prevention- hearing protections used, hearing testing, newborn hearing screening, personal education.


​​The Do’s and Don’t of Ear Health
​* Do get your ears and hearing checked regularly.
* ​Do go to a professional to have excessive ear wax removed.
* ​Do use earplugs to protect your hearing around loud noises.
* ​Do dry your ears after showering or swimming.
* ​Do stay physically active. Staying physically active helps keep the heart and circulation system healthy, which helps keeps your ears healthy.

* ​Don’t put cotton swabs in your ear canal.
* ​Don’t crank up your headphones.
​* Don’t ignore pain or drainage from your ears—go to a doctor.
​* Don’t smoke. Smoking is known to affect hearing through the circulation system.
* Don’t assume hearing loss is just for old people. Hearing loss is an increasing danger to younger individuals due to exposure to loud sounds via ear buds.


Deaf Awareness Essay and Poster Contest will not take place this year.   Save your entries for next year...program will be the same. 
The National Grange Foundation was awarding two $1,000 grants in their “We’re in this Together” Deaf Awareness Project. A State Grange was to submit an application on a project they would like to do. With Peggy Johnston’s help we completed an application and titled our application “Spreading the Signs”. With the  many posters we have regarding hearing and hearing awareness we should do something to share them with the public. We thought a good way would be to take 2 of the posters and send to each and every school district in the State. We selected the two most popular ones—The American Manual Alphabet and the Pledge of Allegiance. 
A packet would include one each of the posters and a letter explaining not only the Grange but the Deaf Awareness Department. Also including in the letter would be information on how more posters could be ordered for their teachers free of charge with only having to pay for shipping. In Michigan we have 83 counties  and at this point 587 school districts. 
Our costs would be having more posters printed, envelopes to mail them in, labels for the envelopes, paper for the letters, printing of the letters and postage to mail them initially. We are aware that the $1000 will not cover all of the expenses but with the Quilt Raffle and the Deaf Awareness Fund that will help. (FYI the
$500.00 scholarship to a graduating senior at the Michigan School for the Deaf and the Alexander Graham Bell Summer Camp Fund will not be affected. As of now I have contacted the school and did not receive a reply yet but the Scholarship will be kept aside until I can get a response. The summer camp has been canceled for this summer but we have sent them money for next year’s camp.) 
Now only would the State Grange be impacted by not only getting the name of the Grange out but the awareness of it out to the whole state. With these posters being available to all school districts in the State it  would have an impact on every community that takes advantage of them. These are great learning tools for each and every teacher and student. They can be posted in the classrooms, where the students can learn the sign language on their own or through their teachers. 
We feel that since we work hard each and every year to raise funds and do projects for the Deaf and Hard of  Hearing that this would be a way of giving back to hundreds of people throughout the State. We can only imagine the results we just might have from this and how many people across the State could have an impact on. Why have these posters and information is not to share it with others. 
Although this will be a big undertaking we are looking forward to the outcome. Our plans are to get started this fall. If any Grange or Granger would like to help us financially it would be greatly appreciated. 
I was contacted in May but Joan Smith, director/chairman  of the National Grange Foundation informing me that we were one of the two recipients of this $1000 Grant. What an exciting surprise! I had to go live on the National Grange Cultivating Connections and explain our project and our ideas. I was nervous but excited about our winning the Grange. If you are interested in seeing the video go to the National Grange website, videos, and check out Wednesday, May 27, at 8:30 p.m.

Something exciting coming for Deaf Awareness Department......We are going to hold a Raffle this year.

We will be drawing for this Queen Size Very Colorful Quilt at the Annual Convention in October.

Tickets will be available soon and will sell for $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

Proceeds will go towards a new Deaf Awareness Project to make our posters more available and visible throughout the state.