Eric Bishop, President
13668 Green Prairie
V​icksburg, MI 49097

​Tel: 269-649-1153

The Mission of the Foundation is to provide educational resources to an many members and charitable organizations as possible, as well as to support health and wellness. Interest free loans are available for Grange members to attend Universities, Colleges, and/or Trade Schools of their choice. Funds are also available for Grange Department Directors' programs including support for Youth Leadership and Promotion, Junior Activities, Family Activities, Lecturer’s Activities, Deaf Awareness Projects, and Community Service Projects.

The Foundation is supported by donations from Granges and by individuals who believe in the program. Additional funds are also gained from investments made by the Foundation Board of Directors.

​A permanent Endowment Fund has been established from which only the interest earned is used for Foundation activities. Donations can be made directly to the endowment fund. In addition one-half of all general donations are credited to the fund. Establishment of this fund assures a continued support in the future of the Foundation programs.

​Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible, as the Foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. Donations can be made to commemorate the lives of
deceased friends, family, and Grange brethren. It is also suggested that donations can be made on special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. The Foundation can also be named as a beneficiary in a will or trust, and can accept real estate and personal property donations. Your donations to the Michigan State Grange Foundation will be gratefully acknowledged and your support will be appreciated by the many benefactors that receive support from Foundation programs.

Student Loan applications for the Fall Semester are due to the Foundation no later than July 23rd for consideration. Please send them to either Roland Winter, 15150 A Drive North, Marshall, MI 49068 or Kathryn Strouse, P.O. Box 84, North Star, MI 48862.

Applications can be on the Michigan State Grange website at under Foundation or contact one of the above or the Michigan State Grange Office.

The interest free loans are made in amounts up to $1,000.00 per year.

Michigan State Grange Foundation Annual Report and Financial Report Again this year it is my privilege as President of the Michigan State Grange Foundation to report to you on the condition of your Foundation and its progress this past year. I believe that the Foundation is a very important part of our organization. Presently it provides loans for students to help with their education, funds for Department Directors to develop and carry out educational workshops plus send our quarterly newsletters, for their particular departments, and I believe it could also be a valuable asset in the future to keep our Grange active and
also to help preserve our History.

This year has been another very good year for the Foundation. Four years ago, if you remember, we invested $100,000.00 of our funds in a ten-year annuity. This year in April at the end of that year we had a net gain of $9,813.21 which brings hoping for good returns over the next six years depending on the way the Stock Market acts.

This past summer we also invested $50,000.00 of the money received from the sale of the Haslett property in a second annuity which should be bringing us more income over the coming years.

​​We have also been working hard this past year trying to collect more of our past due loans, and this past year we have collected $4,175.00 from loan recipients. This includes some money from past due loans plus the money from those making regular payments.

​Last year we issued four new student loans of $1,000.00 and this year we issued three. They were all second year recipients of Student Loans. They went to John Carey of Oceana Center Grange #1047 to attend Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Emily Kurburski of Harbor Springs Grange #730 to attend Kettering University in Flint, and Elizabeth Kurburski of Harbor Springs Grange #730 to attend Michigan State University in East Lansing.

​​As some of you will remember the loan program was started in the early 1960s by the Youth Department and then taken over by the Michigan State Grange Foundation when the Foundation was founded in 1986. Since the Program started we have recorded 148 loans and it is good to see our Youth taking advantage of this program. We are again emphasizing that this is a loan program and the loans need to be repaid if the program is to continue. We plan to keep track of those receiving loans to make sure that this happens.

​​We again need to emphasize that this program is not just for youth but for any Grange member that might need to advance their education. With money coming in from Student loans there are funds available from the $35,000.00 that we have set aside for this program and more funds will become available as more loan payments are made, and I am sure that more of our available funds could be added to this program if necessary.

​​As in the past, one of our wishes for the coming year would be to see every active Grange in Michigan make at least one donation to the Michigan State Grange Foundation, and many of our members doing the same. The donations do not have to be large and if everyone helped a little it would make a big difference. I would emphasize that the foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and individual donations are tax deductible.  $97,286.80 of our money is in a permanent Endowment Fund with only the interest being used. Our policy in the past has been that half of all donations made that are not given for a particular purpose would go to the Endowment Fund and half to available funds and we are planning to continue this policy.

The Michigan State Grange Foundation would like to thank all those Granges and Grange members
that made donations to the Foundation this past year. We appreciate your donations. 

​​I would also like to thank the other members of this Board for their work and dedication to this  program.​They include; Eric Bishop, Vice President, Kathryn Strouse, Secretary-Treasurer, Jeff Swainston, Director,
and Chris Johnston, Director.

​​Fraternally Roland Winter, President.