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"The Dictionary Project" started in South Carolina. The purpose of the project is to put dictionaries into the hands of third graders. These dictionaries are theirs to keep. The organizers of this project are well organized, and have structured the project to make it a success with a minimum of effort. The website includes sample letters, suggestions for labeling the dictionaries, press releases... in short they have thought of everything you need to make the project a success. You may even send for samples of the dictionaries that are offered for sale. Since the current school year is at an end you will have plenty of time to collect information on you school, ordering the dictionaries and make presentation to the school.

There are four things to recommend this project:

GOOD PURPOSE — The Grange has always supported the advancement of education

MEDIUM EXPENSE — The dictionaries are available at a reasonable cost. The books are sold in case lots.

MINIMUM EFFORT — The instructions are very complete. All the thinking work has been done for you. And it would take very few people to finish the project. A small committee could handle it easily.

GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS — This project would make a very newsworthy story for print or radio.

Please consider this project. If you are interested please contact:  or

Mary L. French
P.O. Box #1845
Charleston SC 29402

This is the May/June issue of the Michigan Grange News. As I write this, we have snow on the ground again in Midland & currently a wintry mix. Hopefully we will get some spring weather before summer officially arrives!

We are using this issue of the Grange News as a reminder to Community Service Chairman, both new and old, on how to organize the notebook. Please remember a notebook is not required. Completion of the summary page is acceptable. If sending
a notebook, the summary page MUST be at the front of your book & filled out completely.

Simplify the Notebook!
  • Select the photos that best represent the project.
  • If 30 pictures are taken of a project, does not mean all need to be used!

Organize the Notebook:
  • You want your notebook to read like a book
  • Keep projects grouped together
  • Keep supporting evidence, such as thank you letters and newspaper articles, with the photo and text of the project.

​Examples of Organizing:
  • Organize the book in 2 separate sections: New Projects & Continuing Projects
  • Organize each section in chronological order from beginning of Grange year to the end
  • OR – Organize each section in order from largest project in terms of hours involved to smallest project.
  • Keep the pages clean & concise
  • List all projects at the beginning of the book
  • Try to keep 2 pages of a project as a 2 page spread, so the judge can see they go together
  • May have to go to 3 or 4 pages, depending on the project
  • Do not use tabs with paper inserts – they fall out!
  • If a donation was made to a project, make sure it is listed somewhere

Notebook Size:
  • The maximum size notebook that will be allowed is a 2 inch binder.
  • Your Grange will be disqualified from judging if the notebook is larger than this requirement.

The Community Service program period is September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018. Notebooks/reports will be due to Tricia by September 10.

Wishing you a beautiful spring (eventually?), Happy Mother’s Day & Happy Father’s Day!

Tricia & Helen


Welcome to summer! Believe it or not another Grange year is almost over. Hopefully you have found 1 or 2 projects to use for the community service program. They do not have to be huge projects. Anything that helps your community counts. We just want the Grange name to get out in your community so people know you exist. You will be surprised at how many people and organizations will recognize your Grange after a while!

Reports – I want to emphasize how important it is for every Grange to send in a community service report. Even completing only the form that is mailed to you helps me. The National Grange wants 25% of the Subordinate Granges in Michigan to submit a report, so each and every one of you counts in my report to them!

​Notebook Size:
  • The maximum size notebook that will be allowed is a 2 inch binder.
  • Your Grange will be disqualified from judging if the notebook is larger than this requirement.
  • The due date for your community service book or form is Monday, September 10. You can include projects from September 1, 2017 thru August 31, 2018.  
Please send your report to Tricia at the above address. If you have any questions or need special delivery arrangements, please contact Tricia at the above phone number or email.

​Wishing you a wonderful & safe summer!
Tricia & Helen