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"The Dictionary Project" started in South Carolina. The purpose of the project is to put dictionaries into the hands of third graders. These dictionaries are theirs to keep. The organizers of this project are well organized, and have structured the project to make it a success with a minimum of effort. The website includes sample letters, suggestions for labeling the dictionaries, press releases... in short they have thought of everything you need to make the project a success. You may even send for samples of the dictionaries that are offered for sale. Since the current school year is at an end you will have plenty of time to collect information on you school, ordering the dictionaries and make presentation to the school.

There are four things to recommend this project:

GOOD PURPOSE — The Grange has always supported the advancement of education

MEDIUM EXPENSE — The dictionaries are available at a reasonable cost. The books are sold in case lots.

MINIMUM EFFORT — The instructions are very complete. All the thinking work has been done for you. And it would take very few people to finish the project. A small committee could handle it easily.

GOOD PUBLIC RELATIONS — This project would make a very newsworthy story for print or radio.

Please consider this project. If you are interested please contact:  or

Mary L. French
P.O. Box #1845
Charleston SC 29402

Lets say goodbye to winter and hello to spring, The daffodils are blooming and spring is in the air.

Congratulations to Burns Grange for the two fundraisers they held for the tornado victims of Shiawassee County.

Fredonia Grange also shared, that half of the proceeds from the Spring Pancake Brunch was donated to the Dale Rosene AGLP scholarship fund.

​Our Granges do many projects throughout their communities I would love to share something your Grange is or has done this year.

​I would like to encourage Granges to nominate a person in their community for the Dedicated Worker Award and a Grange member for the VIP (Very Important Patron) Award.

​The purpose of the Dedicated Worker Award is to honor someone in your community that has made a difference. Giving public recognitions to those who have given outstanding effort is important.

The purpose of the VIP Award is for each Grange to honor a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Grange.

Only one entry from a Grange may be submitted to the State Grange per year. Submit a biography and a summary of the contribution the VIP nominee has made to the Grange. If possible also submit a photograph of your VIP. The submission shall be sent to the State Community Service Director by September 10th

Lets keep working on our Community Service Reports they will be due in September.

​When you need to contact me via email, please put your full Grange name on the subject line (ex. Fredonia Grange).

I’m Mary Ann Rocco, your new Community Service Director. I am a member of the Fredonia Grange and live in Battle Creek, Michigan. My husband and I have 4 children and 9 grandchildren and are both retired schoolteachers. In my 40 years of teaching my experiences includes: elementary classrooms, Title One coordinator, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and extended work with Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination Programs. I have also held several State offices for these Problem Solving Programs.

Community Service is an integral part of the Grange. The Community Service is a way to share and inform our fellow Grange members what we are doing to support our communities. If you need to contact me via email, please put your full Grange name on the subject line (ex. Fredonia Grange).

Hopefully Spring is just around the corner.

​​A review of the Community Service Rules:

The Community Service program period is September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.

Community Service Reports should be sent to the Community Service Director by September 10th.

Granges are divided into two categories. Small Granges with 40 members or less and large Granges with more than 40 members. Membership numbers are determined by the second quarter (June 30) membership report to the State Secretary. Granges will compete within own category.

A summary report form will be supplied to each Community Service Chairman. A report may be submitted alone or with a notebook to receive full credit as an entry. Reports may be typed or neatly hand written.

Notebook reports MUST contain the Summary Report as the first pages of the report. Materials should be organized and indexed in a manner that effectively tells the story of your Grange’s Community Service work.

Maximum size for a notebook is a 2 inch binder. Only one book can be entered. Any notebooks larger than this will not be judged.  (Materials such as DVDs and computer generated programs should not be included with reports and may not be used in place of a notebook report.)

Descriptions of projects should answer the questions, What? Who? Why? How? And When?