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Congratulations to the winners of the Lecturer's contests! It is always exciting seeing the talents displayed of Michigan State Grangers. I personally enjoy seeing the Grangers from around Michigan at the session as well.

As always, I would encourage more people to show their talents by entering the contests next year. It would be fantastic if there was at least one entry from each Grange in Michigan. The Program Booklet will be coming to you soon, so you have the opportunity to plan what contests you might like to enter next year. It is likely there will be a few minor changes. I look forward to what another year will bring!

Class A — Poem Topic: Favorite Season
1st Place: Tom Smith, West Oshtemo #1630
2nd Place: Marshall Bishop, Home #129

​Class B — Story Topic: As A Child, I wanted to be a
1st Place: Tom Smith, West Oshtemo #1630
2nd Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160

1st Place: Peggy Johnston, Burns #160
2nd Place: Dale Moore, Studley #1174

Class A: Animals
1st Place: Terri Sheffer, Burns #160
2nd Place: Janie Lerchen, Plymouth/Westland #389
Juniors: Age 12-14 year olds
1st. Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Marcus Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Class B: People in Action
1st Place: Sharon Popler, Burns #160
2nd Place: Tricia Eidsmoe, Studley #1174
3rd Place: Terri Sheffer, Burns #160
Juniors: Age 12-14
1st Place: Marcus Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Class C: America The Beautiful
1st Place: Connie Johnston, Burns #160
2nd Place: Tricia Eidsmoe, Studley #1174
3rd Place: Chris Johnston, Burns #160
Juniors: Age 12-14
1st Place: Marcus Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Class D: Michigan, My Michigan
1st Place: Dale Young, Community #1675
2nd Place: Dale Moore, Studley #1174
3rd Place: Janie Lerchen, Plymouth/Westland #389
Junior: Age 12-14
1st Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Marcus Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Class E County Fair
1st Place: Connie Johnston, Burns #160
2nd Place: Terri Sheffer, Burns #160
3rd Place: Chris Johnston, Burns #160

1st Place: Eric Bishop, Home #129
2nd Place: Barbara Johnston, North Adrian #721
3rd Place: Barb Castle, Torch Lake #1840

1st Place: Tom Smith, West Oshtemo #1630

Dale Young Community #1675

Sharon Popler Burns #160

Mid Michigan Pomona #61
St. Joseph/Cass/Kalamazoo Pomona #4

Burns #160
Colon #215
Community #1675
Fern #803
Gratiot #1898
Harbor Springs #730
Home #129
North Adrian #721
Oceana Center #1047
Pittsfield Union #882
Studley #1174
​Summit City #672



​With each new year, it is common to establish goals for the year, sometimes called New Year’s resolutions. I am hopeful that more Michigan Grangers will check out the Program booklet included in this newsletter and resolve to enter at least one of the Lecturer’s contests to be displayed at the Michigan State Grange session in October. A great time to work on these contests is during the Winter months when weather may be limiting our time to be doing other things.

Typically, there is a great display of photography each year, and I encourage continued participation, including those that have not entered before in this area. The classes remain the same this year, and are intentionally made broad so that many can enter. It was a bit disappointing this past year to have limited entries in the Art Contest. There are two very broad categories in this contest for the upcoming year – 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects. Some of you may be “doodlers” – this kind of object would be a great 2-dimensional entry. I heard from a couple people that they wanted Ceramics added – these items may be entered into the 3-dimensional category. I know there are a lot of creative Grangers out there, and look forward to their work! The topics for the Creative Writing contest have changed, and one class has been added, so now this contest includes classes of poems, stories, and book reports.

​​A new contest this year is Family Heritage. This is the result of discussions with several people at the State Grange session. The entry for one class is a chart, illustration, or drawing showing a minimum of three generations of a family including each person’s name. I will be including some examples in the Lecturer’s Bulletin this year, but there is no set format for this class. This could be started in a Grange meeting Lecturer’s Program. The other class is a Family Photo Story, for which there are few rules. Descriptions and/or labels are encouraged for the photos, and a minimum of three photos are to be included. This entire contest is meant to encourage creativity in display of family heritage information. 

​Last year was the first year for the “Original Grange Program” contest. Only one entry was received. This contest does not require the person entering the program to be a Lecturer, nor does it require that the program was presented/executed in a Grange meeting. Use your creative juices to think of what might be a “perfect Grange program” – it could be a “regular” Lecturer’s program during a meeting, or it could be a special program that may or may not be within a Grange meeting.

Five entrants participated in the Public Speaking Contest in October, each giving an impromptu speech of 3-5 minutes. Winners were judged by those in attendance. This contest will continue with new topics in the coming year. Several people have already indicated they are planning to enter! A second class has been added of “Readings”. For this class, participants will bring their reading with them. Both of these classes will be held on Thursday evening at the Michigan State Grange session, but local Granges may wish to have a contest at their level as well.

I am hoping that each of you create resolutions and take the time to create something in the coming year for the Michigan State Grange Lecturer’s Program. I can’t wait to see the results.

Get creative!