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Summer Is Fun!

​Many people do quite a bit of photography in the summer while participating in all kinds of fun activities, so why not see if your great photos match up to a category in the Michigan State Grange Photography Contest? Instead of the “usual” method of going through photos the week or two before State Grange to see what photos you might have that match the categories, you might consider planning photos that you take during your various summer outings and events around the contest categories.

​The photography categories are Animals; People in Action; American the Beautiful; Michigan, my Michigan; and County Fair. These categories have been made general to provide opportunities for all ages and considering the kinds of events that Grange families might participate in.

​A few of the rules – any size up to 8” X 10”; no glass covering, but instead a firm backing for display (at least poster board weight), one entry per class – but may enter a different photo in all 5 classes.
The contests are also for junior age kids aged 5-14. Even if your Grange does not have a Junior Grange, children and grandchildren of Subordinate members may enter the contests. Juniors receive small cash prizes for 1st through 3rd places.

Details of all Lecturer’s contests can be found at http://www.michiganstategrange.org/ - link from the home page to the Program Book, or by contacting me. Entries will be displayed and judged at the Michigan State Grange session in October.
Summer fun also provides lots of opportunity to be outdoors. This is a time to plan ahead with regard to having available such items as sunscreen, bug spray, band-aids, and similar items for health and safety.

​​I found a few Summer health tips at WebMD: 1. Give your diet a berry boost, 2. Get dirty, and stress less (working in a garden, planting flowers, etc.), 3. Floss daily, 4. Get outside to exercise, 5. Be good to your eyes – wear sunglasses, 6. Take a vacation to unwind form normal activities, 7. Sleep well – resist the urge to stay up late and don’t take lots of naps.
A couple questions/answers to make you smile – from JuicyQuotes.com:
Q: What did the air conditioning unit say to its owner? A: I’m your biggest fan!
Q: What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer day? A: I’m bacon!
Have a great summer!


Title: Potpourri

Congratulations to all Grange families who have graduates in June! This might provide an opportunity for a Grange celebration if you have Grange families with graduates this year.

​I am hoping that Grange members across Michigan are considering entering the Michigan State Grange Creative Writing Contest. The rules have been significantly modified in the hope of receiving more entries at the State Grange session. I would like to see a minimum of one entry from every Grange in the state. See the Program Book for the full list of rules. There are both Junior and Subordinate contests. Junior contests are writing a poem about their favorite toy (3-15 lines in stanza form) or writing a story about “I want to be a _____” (no minimum no. of words, up to 200 words). The Subordinate member categories are poem, story, or opinion essay. The poem topic is “Favorite Season” and needs to be 3-26 lines in stanza form. The story topic (400-600 words) is “As a child, I wanted to be a _____”. The opinion essay (300-500) words can be about any current issue, non-political (not about a person or a political party or a campaign). I have heard Grangers often talk about the poem topics, and I also have encountered a fair amount of opinions amongst Grangers, so I look forward to your entries!

​​Midwest Grange Leaders Conference
When: June 28 – 30 (Friday evening through Sunday lunch)
Where: Camp Alexander Mack, 1113 Camp Mack Road, Milford, Indiana 46542
ALL ages welcome – activities for Juniors through Subordinate members
Workshops, Fellowship, Youth Public Speaking and Sign-A-Song Contests, Fun!
Registration forms were included in the recent Lecturer’s Newsletter sent to your Lecturer.
It would be great to have a “crowd” from Michigan, since the location is relatively close to us.

Communication from National Lecturer, Chris Hamp:
“I am working hard to increase participation in the contests that I oversee as Lecturer of the National Grange. In addition to working hard to improve communications with the State Lecturers and State Masters, and in ensuring I create and disseminate clear, concise and professional looking documents, I have increased the prize money to make participation a little more appealing. With that said, I am looking for sponsors from the Midwest Region (can be individuals, couples, families or Granges) for the different contests and classes in 2019. All sponsors will be recognized at the 153rd National Convention in Minneapolis.”

​Below are several options outlined by her:
$500 National Grange Evening of Excellence Program Sponsor (allows for a professional, full-color program –your logo on the back cover)
$500 Ribbons (allows for all contest participants in all departments to receive a ribbon with the specific place and year versus generic)
$100 National Grange Evening of Excellence – Vocal Division Winner
$100 National Grange Evening of Excellence – Instrumental Division Winner
$100 National Grange Evening of Excellence – Variety Division Winner
$100 National Grange Evening of Excellence – Public Speaking Winner
$100 National Grange Evening of Excellence – Sign-a-Song Winner
$100 National Grange Photography Showcase – Adult Division (1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes)
$100 National Grange Quilt Block Contest – Adult Division (1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes)
$100 National Grange Quilt Block Contest – Junior Division (1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes)

Please let me know if you or your Subordinate or Pomona Grange is interested in being a sponsor. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please write your sponsorship check to Grange Foundation – Lecturer Fund. Mail your check to: National Grange, 1616 H Street NW, 11th Floor, Washington DC 20006. The Foundation will send you a donation receipt for tax deduction purposes.

Summer is just around the corner!