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8 persons entered, with 17 different photos
Scenes: 1st - Peggy Johnston, 2nd - Tricia Eidsmoe, 3rd - Connie Johnston
People in Action - 1st - Dale Moore, 2nd - Peggy Johnston
Animals: 1st - Kathryn Hsu-Bishop, 2nd - Cory Johnston, 3rd - Tricia Eidsmoe
CREATIVE WRITING - My Favorite Holiday - Peggy Johnston, 1st place

Mid-Michigan Pomona # 61 —Sharon Popler
​St. Joseph/Cass/Kalamazoo Pomona # 4 —Tom Smith
Lenawee Pomona # 15 — JoAnne Normand
​Burns #160 —Peggy Johnston
Colon Grange # 215 —Mary Beth Bower
​Community Grange # 1675 — Kevin Young
Gratiot Grange # 1898 — Peggy Johnston
​Harbor Springs Grange # 730 — Ladonna Kurburski
North Adrian Grange # 721 — JoAnne Normand
​Pittsfield Union Grange # 882 — Joan Hellmann
Studley Grange # 1174 — Christopher Eidsmoe
​Summit City Grange # 672 —Shirley Bowman. 


​Happy New Year!

Like everyone else, I am looking forward to 2021 being a year somewhat different than 2020. January is typically a time to look forward to the coming year, but this year even more so. The Program Book is included in this edition of Michigan Grange News, and I will be highlighting different portions of the Lecturer’s program as the year evolves. I hope that you will look at some of the changes. I have tried to simplify a couple things this year, as well as add a couple different approaches. Check it out!

Before we move on to 2021, I would like to report that Kathryn Hsu-Bishop won first place in the National Grange 2020 Virtual Photography Contest in the Scenes Division. She will receive a ribbon and a $50 check. This contest evolved as a result of the COVID Pandemic. This National Grange contest will continue in 2021, and I have included the National Grange categories in our Michigan photography contest. Each person entering may submit up to three photos in the National Grange contest with an online form at the nationalgrange.org website. At least five additional people in Michigan submitted entries this year. I hope that more persons will enter in 2021.

Before the pandemic, one would hear people complain about not having enough time to do things. With the pandemic, there has been somewhat of a reversal where people have had more time and needed to adjust to that new scenario. It seems to me that perhaps the pandemic has helped each one of us to adjust to some new ways of viewing what is important for us to spend time on. Since many of us will not be receiving the vaccine right away, January might be a great time to brainstorm for ourselves what kinds of things we would like to accomplish in the coming year – first just generally, and then maybe more specifically as we think this through. You might want to list general areas like family, organizations, personal accomplishments, and…. Then, under each of those areas what are some specific goals.

If the pandemic has made some old things you used to spend time on become less important in your life, make sure your plans for the coming year are not just mirror images of 2019. Some people like lots of detail in planning, while others like “general ideas” – whatever works for you is good. I do believe that once you have your list, it is helpful to add some possible timelines to when you plan your accomplishments to occur. Some might be regular daily, weekly, or monthly happenings, while others might be a month you would like to have completed something. I have found that setting specific timeframes helps me accomplish more.

A word about the Lecturer’s Program Book items. I suspect some wonder what is included as a “three-dimensional art object” in the art contest. This is stated this way to be very general and to allow a lot of different kinds of entries and to differentiate it from the two-dimensional (flat) items of paintings or drawings class. A couple examples include ceramics, wood carvings or wood lathe objects, sculptures with any kind of medium, or perhaps 3-D wall art. 

I have been a bit disappointed in low numbers of creative writing entries. I know that there a lot of members who enjoy writing, so hope this year’s topics will encourage more entries. The poem topic is “My Grange Experience”, and only need be 3-26 lines written in stanza form (need not rhyme). This is a class where humor might be employed to describe some kind of Grange experience. The story topics are “Holiday Traditions” and “Recalling My School Days”. These stories need to be a minimum of 400 words and no more than 600 words. To give you an idea of how short that is, this article is now 693 words long – so less than a typed page in length.

Have a wonderful year ahead, and enjoy your abundance of time early in the year by completing an entry early for one of the Lecturer’s Program contests!