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Summer Is Fun!

​Many people do quite a bit of photography in the summer while participating in all kinds of fun activities, so why not see if your great photos match up to a category in the Michigan State Grange Photography Contest? Instead of the “usual” method of going through photos the week or two before State Grange to see what photos you might have that match the categories, you might consider planning photos that you take during your various summer outings and events around the contest categories.

​The photography categories are Animals; People in Action; American the Beautiful; Michigan, my Michigan; and County Fair. These categories have been made general to provide opportunities for all ages and considering the kinds of events that Grange families might participate in.

​A few of the rules – any size up to 8” X 10”; no glass covering, but instead a firm backing for display (at least poster board weight), one entry per class – but may enter a different photo in all 5 classes.
The contests are also for junior age kids aged 5-14. Even if your Grange does not have a Junior Grange, children and grandchildren of Subordinate members may enter the contests. Juniors receive small cash prizes for 1st through 3rd places.

Details of all Lecturer’s contests can be found at http://www.michiganstategrange.org/ - link from the home page to the Program Book, or by contacting me. Entries will be displayed and judged at the Michigan State Grange session in October.
Summer fun also provides lots of opportunity to be outdoors. This is a time to plan ahead with regard to having available such items as sunscreen, bug spray, band-aids, and similar items for health and safety.

​​I found a few Summer health tips at WebMD: 1. Give your diet a berry boost, 2. Get dirty, and stress less (working in a garden, planting flowers, etc.), 3. Floss daily, 4. Get outside to exercise, 5. Be good to your eyes – wear sunglasses, 6. Take a vacation to unwind form normal activities, 7. Sleep well – resist the urge to stay up late and don’t take lots of naps.
A couple questions/answers to make you smile – from JuicyQuotes.com:
Q: What did the air conditioning unit say to its owner? A: I’m your biggest fan!
Q: What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer day? A: I’m bacon!
Have a great summer!


State Grange Session is soon!

I hope that everyone has been taking photographs all summer on your vacations for the “America, the Beautiful” and “Michigan, my Michigan” classes, as well as at your “county fairs” to enter into the photography contest. Additional classes include “animals” and “people in action”. I am looking forward to all your entries in the photography contest at State Grange. For those not photography-minded, consider entering the art contest in one of the following classes: adult coloring book page, drawing/painting, or three- dimensional objects. For those who enjoy writing, classes this year include poems, stories and opinion essays. I know Grangers have opinions, so hope to see lots of entries in the creative writing contests as well. See the Program Booklet for details for all contests. All entries must be delivered to the state session by 9 am on Friday morning for display and judging.

For those planning on attending the State Grange session, there will be a public speaking contest on Thursday evening. Start planning your entries now. Each entrant will draw their topic from a hat. Topics include 1) my favorite toys as a child; 2) my family traditions; and 3) a memorable Grange experience. All speeches shall be 3-5 minutes in length. Special reminder to Lecturer’s: Your annual report forms are due to me by September 10, or as soon thereafter as possible. Certificates will be awarded at State Grange for completed annual reports.

National Grange Quilt Block contest entries must be received to the National Lecturer by October 31, 2019.
Since our State Grange session is a week later this year, we will not be able to display Michigan entries at State session. Mail your entries to Christine Hamp, National Lecturer, 16418 N. Birdie Road, Nine Mile Falls, WA, 99026. The details of this contest were included in the Second Quarter Lecturer’s Bulletin. If you cannot obtain that information, contact me by phone or e-mail above. The block is quite easy this year, so I hope that Michigan will send some entries.