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Morrice, MI 48857

Midwest Grange Leadership Conference
The weekend is over and boy oh boy what a super weekend we had !!!! The National Master was here from Pennsylvania. Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan were also represented at the newly combined “ Midwest Grange Leadership Conference.” A really great time was had by all. Workshops, crafts, tours, super fellowship, meetings, then to top it off, a really nice worship service on Sunday Morning. A HUGE “THANK YOU” to Roland for opening his home up for everyone to come and see the Michigan St. Grange Museum . Everyone was so impressed by all the information he’s gathered there. Then to the young gal who showed us her horses and how she started her small business ( didn’t look small to a lot of us) a lot of hard work for her and family. To Home Grange for the use of their hall and to Jackie for feeding all of us through out the weekend. To Fredonia members that came and made breakfast for us on Sunday, to Kathryn, who drove over and did the Sunday worship service, And to all the people that gave up their time to come and help make it all come together!!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU. This is what GRANGERS do, we love to help !!! Connie, Thank you for a job So Well Done !!! You got it all set up and it was SUPER!!!! You could tell by all the super comments and happy faces as they left for their homes. I really enjoyed working with you !!! I met some young folks this weekend and was so impressed with all their knowledge of the Grange. I think the future of the Grange is Wonderful Hands, and I made some new friends with them !! Thank You !! So, as we say at the end of the day, its been: ANOTHER GREAT GRANGE WEEKEND!

Summer is finally here and boy have we had some hot weather!! I’m hoping everyone is enjoying either some kind of vacation, family gatherings or Grange outings. As a reminder don’t forget to start working on some of the entries for State Session. Now is the time to get your camera’s out and start getting some of your pictures lined up. Maybe you’d like to write a short story about a happening this summer. The Folk Art contest has several things you might like to do. Now’s the time to start. You can take your time and en-joy a great day of creativity. But don’t forget, there are many category’s in the Family Activities Department and the Agriculture Department and also the Deaf Awareness Department that you can look at and choose to do. If you’ve got a young one, look at the Juniors Department and have a Great time helping them do crafts for that department!!! I hope everyone has a super summer and what ever your plans are have a wonderful time and please be safe. Here’s to a fun filled next few months.

  1. mobautileo
  2. ryccemtool
  3. nagow 
  4. ​tfra 
  5. ​cotxra
  6. taslioab
  7. ​ceyible
  8. seorh
  9. cukrt
  10. noace
  11. lmaec
  12. lisgeh
  13. ​roytell
  14. torwboa
  15. ​ranit
  16. torgacd​
Did You Know… Horse and Carriage
The first baby carriage was made in 1733 by William Kent, an English architect. A miniature version of a horse-drawn carriage, this invention was hooked up to a small animal, such as a goat or dog, so the child could enjoy a ride.

  1. automobile
  2. motorcycle
  3. wagon
  4. raft
  5. ox cart
  6. sailboat
  7. bicycle
  8. horse
  9. truck
  10. canoe
  11. camel​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  12. sleigh
  13. trolley
  14. rowboat
  15. train
  16. dog cart​​​​​​

This year the Great Lakes Leadership Conference will be held along with the Youth/Junior Mid-West Conference. The date for this is June 15-17, at Home Grange. If you are interested in attending please e-mail me at and I will send you the registration papers. They are due by June 1st. A meeting is planned to set a schedule of events for the conference. We will be doing things along with the youth/juniors.

Click here for Registration Forms and Information​​

Below is a word scramble with all spring related words. I know we’re all tired of the cold weather and ready for the warmer air to come our way. Maybe this will help in some sort of way to ease us into a more spring atmosphere !!!! Enjoy !!

1. OMTSHRE YDA ____________________

​​2. PGNSIR ___________________________

​3. WERSOFL _________________________

​4. SLIPTU ___________________________

​5. SWORM _________________________

​6. CLOD ____________________________

​7. BIONR ____________________________

​8. SAGRS ___________________________

​9. UNS ____________________________

​10. NOOATDSR ______________________

​11. BBEUILRD _______________________

​12. FADDOLSLI ______________________

​13. DARENG _____________________________

​14. MROTSREDNUHT ______________________

​15. ROSCUC ________________________

​16. AEIOSNLDND __________________________

​17. GORSF ____________________

​18. SUGB _________________________

​19. RATUNE _________________________

​20. BETUTFRYL _________________________

​21. MOSOSBL __________________________

22. SERET _________________

​23. HATSEFR ADY _____________________

​24. WINGRAM _______________________


  1. Mother's Day
  2. Spring​
  3. Flowers
  4. Tulips
  5. Worms
  6. Cold
  7. Robin
  8. Grass
  9. Sun
  10. Tornadoes
  11. Blue Bird
  12. Daffodil
  13. Garden
  14. Thunderstorm
  15. Crocus
  16. Dandelions
  17. Frogs
  18. Bugs
  19. Nature
  20. Butterfly
  21. Blossom
  22. Trees
  23. Father’s Day
  24. Warming​​​