60822 Creek Road
Niles, MI 49120


​Growing Contest — Pumpkin
1st Place: Sharon Popler, Burns #160
2nd Place: Chris Johnston, Burns #160
3rd Place: Lois Hicks, West Oshtemo #1630

Growing Contest — Pumpkin — Juniors 9-11
1st Place: Marc Johnston, Burns JG #325
2nd Place: Cory Johnston, Burns JG #325

​Growing Contest — Sunflower Head
1st Place: Sharon Popler, Burns #160

Agriculture Annual Report
Welcome to the 144th Annual Convention of the Michigan State Grange!! It is hard to believe that it is time for yet another Michigan State Grange Session. Time sure goes by fast and for some reason this year has gone by way too fast!! I hope everyone has enjoyed my articles as at times I felt like I was just rambling on but at the time I was writing them it was what was on my mind. Agriculture in our Great State is a very important part of life and of the State Economy, and I feel honored to be the Director of the MSG Agriculture Department. I look forward to seeing how many entries the Ag Department receives in the first year of having classes at State Session! I hope to continue to bring you information on this Department that has meant so much to our Great Organization when it was first founded! I hope everyone enjoys the State Session and their stay at The Comstock Inn!!!

Wow! August is almost over and another County Fair season is in the books for my area. I am sitting here after finishing up a very busy week (August 23rd) at the Berrien County Youth Fair both as a volunteer and a very proud Uncle! We started out with loading the 4 market pigs in less than 5 minutes! The kids washed the pigs in the trailer and then my oldest nephew gave each pig a haircut. The pigs looked very good and all made weight on Sunday morning during weigh in at the fair. The market goats and breeding stock all made it to the fair in good condition as well. The proud Uncle was so happy with how the kids did this year with their goats. They did very well with showmanship and then came the really proud moment when 2 of the kids were in the champion drive for Grand Champion Dairy Market Goat, which my niece was the winner with her goat that we raised in my back yard! Then the oldest nephew exhibited not just the Champion but also the Reserve Champion Boer Females with 2 of his goats. On Tuesday, the winning continued when the younger nephew took numerous Champions with his Dairy Goats. He and Bombshell were chosen Sr Champion Dairy Goat which was his first ever time to win a trophy at the fair. And he continued winning through the Dairy Goat show and also received Grand Champion Dairy Goat honors with Bombshell which meant he got to sell a Quart of Milk from Bombshell. The pigs looked really well but the judge wasn’t really sure what she was looking for as she said one thing throughout the show but really went with just the opposite. With the fair week past us, that means my chores will slow way down as I do not have goats and pigs to care for any longer. They will surely be missed for the next few weeks, but I do have chores to do yet. My small flock of chickens and one rooster are stilling doing well and we added 6 young pullets to the flock at the end of July. So we will be up to a total of 15 hens and Pretty Boy to keep them all in order. They enjoy all of the things from the garden that have been there a little too long. Like zucchini that are the size of baseball bats or tomatoes that the bugs started to eat on. They expect “goodies” every time I go out to the coop!

The garden was doing very well but was neglected the last few weeks so I am afraid to see what it looks like. Tomatoes were just starting to come on and mom has harvested about ½ bushel so far to can. I haven’t been out in the garden lately with having been busy with the fair but we haven’t had much rain so things got a little dry while at the fair all week. I have been watering it again and do see I have at least 2 nice green pumpkins about the size of soccer balls right now! I hope everyone that have planted items for the Agriculture Department classes are doing well too!

​As we move in to the harvest season, please keep in mind that we will once again be sharing the roads with very large sized farm equipment. I know we are all in a hurry to get where we are going but we need to keep in mind that those big pieces of equipment help to put food on our families’ tables.

​I look forward to seeing everyone at the Michigan State Grange Convention that is being held in mid October at the Comstock Inn in Owosso. I know our host region has been working hard to make this convention very nice. Keep in mind that State Session is still on a shortened schedule so check the MGN and the website for the proposed schedule.

See you at State Session!!