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As I am writing this article, it has now been a week since the Michigan State Grange Convention and all I can say is WOW!!!! What a fantastic convention. It was nice to continue on in person and to be back to a regular schedule. I believe the discussions on the resolutions were valuable and while some might have been controversial, as Grange members we are able to move past our opinions and remain in good spirits.
I would like to thank the host region for their work in making this session a success. Your hard work in planning and execution really showed your dedication to having a successful session. The Fifth Degree Team did an excellent job in exemplifying the degree and reminding us all of the lessons our founders wanted us to live by.
I also would like to thank Rich Hazen and Connie for filling in as the Assistant Stewards again this year. As many know, this was an election year and while many officers stayed the same, I would like to welcome Maria Lopez on board as the new Ceres, Nancy Swainston as the new Lady Assistant Steward, and Richard Hazen as the new Assistant Steward. I agree with the delegation who knows each of you will serve well in your new offices.
I believe Rich will be mentioning it in his article, but I would like to thank the members in attendance for their gracious support of the Sesquicentennial Celebration with their generous donations. I won’t spoil Rich’s article with the amount, but when Grangers are in need, Grangers really step up to the mark! I’m indeed impressed with the financial contributions that were not only given to the celebration alone, but also the contributions to the State Grange as well. Please continue to support the celebration committee with selling raffle tickets, they are really trying to make this a free celebration event for all Grange members!
In a couple weeks, Connie and I fly out to Sparks, Nevada to attend the National Grange Session. Unfortunately, we don’t have any resolutions from our state going, but we’ll be busy with many resolutions from other states. I’m sure we will also get updated on the National Grange Headquarters that we will be able to share with you when we return.
As the holidays approach, I hope that everybody stays happy and healthy. From Connie, the boys and I, we wish you Happy Holidays!

​State session
Well the county fairs are wrapping up for the most part, I know there are a few that are still coming up, children are returning to school, the leaves are beginning to turn to their vibrant fall colors.  What does this all indicate? That's right, the Michigan State Grange annual convention is right around the corner. I hope everybody is as excited about it as I am. This October the Convention will be held in Marshall at the B. E. Henry building. We are not blocking hotel rooms as we have in the past but there are a few hotels in the area. Those hotels are on the State Session page of the website.

I always look forward to convention as a time to reconnect with old friends and hope to meet some new friends. There are a couple changes coming to the schedule that can be found elsewhere in this issue of the MGN. One of the changes that is coming is going to be on Thursday evening. While we will still have the Family Activities auction, we are going to be doing a workshop on making billboards for your Grange to be showcased at the Sesquicentennial Gala in April. This is a project being led by the 150th committee. This year is also full election of officers.
National Grange
This year's National Grange convention is being held in Sparks, Nevada. I have heard there are a few of our members looking to make the trek to the convention. I would love to see more of our members come to the National Convention to have discussions with other areas of the country and come up with ways to further extend our services and programs into the state of Michigan and to maybe grow our impact by increasing the membership in Michigan.
The last few years we have had less and less resolutions. I have said this for several years that I cannot believe that everybody's world is completely perfect. There has to be something in this state, country or within the organization itself that you would like to see changed. Get those resolutions in. Remember that as a grassroots organization, change can only come from our local Subordinate Granges. National Grange can not make changes without the resolution first coming from a Subordinate Grange just like yours somewhere across the country.
Please remember the Sesquicentennial Gala Raffle to help us celebrate in style. Granges should have received 30 tickets to sell or purchase. (There are three northern Granges that haven’t gone out yet, we are having more tickets printed, but those will be coming to you soon.)

Once again there will be silent auction tables at session. We have the one for the State Grange as normal as well as a table for the Sesquicentennial Gala. I haven’t heard if the hosting region is planning a table, but be sure to come to session to bid high and bid often. I’m sure there will be some great items for auction.