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Welcome to Spring??
Well almost anyways.. This is a great time of year. We get to witness the return of all the snowbirds, whether those be the human ​snowbirds or the feathered snowbirds. When the robins return we know that Spring is sure to follow. As we prepare for Spring to arrive, let's take some time to clean our Grange halls, prepare our yards for spring flowers, clear away the cold brown appearance of winter, open our doors and let the public in. As we prepare for Grange Month, we need to prepare our programs to be welcoming to new members.
April is Grange Month.
This year the Michigan State Grange celebrates 150 years of service to the people of the great state of Michigan. So on April 15th, we will be hosting a Gala in Okemos to celebrate. I am hoping that you are all planning to attend. If you are planning to attend please RSVP to Rich Hazen, his contact information is in his column of this issue of the Michigan Grange News. Or you can RSVP on the Michigan State Grange website. The committee is asking you to respond by March 25th and no later please. The Gala is looking to be a fantastic time of Historical remembrance, fellowship, presentations, great food, and special guests.
As a reminder, if your Grange has raffle tickets for the 150th committee please get those sold and returned to Connie as soon as you can or make arrangements with her to bring them to the gala.
April is a great time to award our Citizen of the Year, VIP, Dedicated Worker, Law Enforcement of the Year, Teacher of the Year, and Firefighter of the Year awards. Remember as we are having a special evening to present these awards, we need to make sure we are inviting the press to capture the accomplishments of these individuals and the Grange for the last year.
Grange Revival
For those that don’t know, Grange Revival is a group of Grangers from across the country that get together for nearly a week in July every other year at a campground, for fellowship and touring the country as a group. The evening meal is at a central location in the campground where we will all gather to break bread as a group. This will be a time of talking about what we have done for the day and our plans for the following day. There will be activities following the meals such as games and skits. This year is the first year it is being held in a state with a Grange presence and extra special for our state as it is being held in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in the small town of Curtis. If you are interested in attending all or part of the event please contact me for more information. Registration is open now and they are asking to get them in so you can be added to the communication emails.

​Welcome to 2023
As we begin yet another revolution around the sun, let us take time and remember those we left in 2022, and reflect upon the good times we had. This year is a year to celebrate. We will begin our celebrations in April for the 150th celebration Gala and will continue celebrating right on through our convention in October. The 150th committee will have information in this and future issues of the Michigan Grange News with more information about upcoming events.

​National Grange
In November, several of our members went to Reno, NV for a week of fun, ​fellowship, and ritual. For the first time in many years a change was made to the Sixth Degree by the Assembly of Demeter. With much debate from past and present delegates of the National Grange, the realization that change was needed for the betterment of the order, so a change was made and I will present the change to you at the convention in October.
Winter planning for Summer rewards,
During the Winter months farmers would plan their next year's crops, repair equipment and rest up for spring planting. While we aren't in the fields per se, we can still spend the Winter months planning what we are going to do this next year in or communities, fixing up our Grange halls, and resting up for all the fun we will have spreading the Grange name and sharing the Grange spirit with our neighbors and friends. As we are spreading the name and sharing the spirit, let's not forget to ask our neighbors and friends to come be a part of this great organization.

50th committee
As the committee has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming events and trying to make the gala as cheap as possible for our members by raising money through the raffle, the sale of the Michigan Grange pins, and now the chocolate Grange emblem, we can help by purchasing or selling these items. If you are unsure of where to get these items to sell or buy, just let me know and I will send you in the right direction.

​Grange Revival
As I have mentioned before, July 18th through the 23rd Grangers from all across the country will move into Curtis Michigan for a week in our own little Gods country known as the Upper Peninsula. We will be staying at the Log Cabin Resort and Campground. It is my understanding that the Grangers have reserved the entire campground and then some other sites or hotel rooms nearby. Everyone is welcome to attend, registration information is available on Grangerevival.com.