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Congratulations to all the members of the Michigan State Grange on completing our 150th convention. At the same time the Michigan State Grange congratulates every Grange in Michigan that has obtained 150 years of service to our local communities this year. Job well done.
As we start moving towards the end of the beautiful Michigan Autumn and the colors of the trees begin to dwindle, we move towards the purest season of winter. When the green grass turns to the beautiful white snow, that resembles a big fluffy blanket protecting the ground and all those wonderful animals that live beneath the soil, until the sun warms the earth again in the spring. In the fourth degree we learn about the benefits of our bounty, while planning for the next season. Now that we have finished one Grange year and are starting the next, let us be thankful for all of our accomplishments and achievements we have accomplished over the last one hundred and fifty years and let us begin planning for the next one hundred fifty years of serving the citizens of the great state of Michigan. Brother Jeff Swainston is putting together a committee to report at the next session about the conferral of the fifth degree at the session. If you have suggestions or would like to assist his committee please contact him. I am currently looking to put together a fundraising committee, so if you have suggestions for the committee or individuals that may be beneficial to the committee please let me know.
Next year we will be co-hosting the National Grange convention in Bettendorf, Iowa. There will be many positions that will need to be filled; if you are planning to attend and are willing to assist in preparation for and during the session please let Connie know and she will get you in touch with the parties in charge of the different areas.

 year the delegate body passed several resolutions and made updates to our legislative policy booklet and to the directives of the Michigan State Grange by-laws. Two of the resolutions that were passed will be heading to National Grange for deliberation by the National Grange delegate body. One was dealing with a review of the process of the United States Postal Service and the other was requiring the US currency be accepted as a form of payment at all establishments.
Until next time!!!!!!!!!!!

Host Region:
  • Mosherville #1351
  • Adams #286
  • North Adrian #721
  • Pittsfield Union #882
  • Plymouth/Westland #389
  • Richard Hazen
  • Jackie Bishop
  • Teri Maisner
  • Randy Nail
  • Alayna Nail
  • Mary Ann Rocco
  • Lori Peck
  • Jen Rice​​
  • Connie Johnston

Here comes Fall
Though we have had a fairly mild Summer, I am ready for fall. The last few weeks have shown some intense weather across Michigan, and I pray that everyone has stayed as safe as possible and have only suffered minimal if any damage.

With Fall on the horizon also means convention season is soon upon us. That means that by October 1st all resolutions, and credentials are due to the State Secretary. Make sure your reports are back to the respective Department Directors by their due date.
State Session
I look forward to seeing all of the regulars and am hopeful to see some we haven’t seen in years. Or better yet some of the new members that are coming to better understand the organization and to be a part of our 150th celebration continuance.
National Session
In November we will be traveling to Niagara Falls, NY for the National Grange Convention. For those able to travel through Canada it is a very short trip. Next year we will be co-hosting with our surrounding states in the Great state of Iowa. So stay tuned to requests of assistance with our duties assigned to us to host.

During the convention we will be discussing the idea of bringing back the fundraising committee.

​Contest Entries
In the past several years we have been lacking the number of entries we have had in prior years, it would be great to see those numbers return. If you have ideas for categories that you would like to see please pass that information along to the respective department directors.
As a reminder that in order for your Granges delegates to be seated at the convention your dues must be paid in full through the third quarter, there are a couple Granges in arrears and those Granges will be getting charged a late fee, in accordance with the By-Laws.