Michigan State Grange
2024 Legislative Policy
THE GRANGE is a nationwide fraternal organization of people interested in agriculture, their rural community and the family. As a group, these people achieve what individuals cannot do alone. Granger’s voluntarily share their resources, talents and skills in providing leadership in community, state and national issues. Through the local Grange, each member is offered the opportunity to be a part of a movement which seeks to build a better state and nation by providing services to meet human needs. Through community service, leadership training, legislative action and member services, members are able to build an organization which meets their needs and serves their community.



We must resolve to labor for the good of our organization, our country and mankind.

We propose meeting together, talking together, working together. We shall constantly strive to secure harmony, good will and brotherhood.

To our business interests, we desire to bring producer and consumer into the most direct friendly relations possible.

We shall advance the cause of education.

Deaf Awareness is the Grange health program, aiding and assisting deaf and hard of hearing people, promoting hearing protection, educating members and non-members about deafness and the hazards of noise.

The Grange - National, State, County, and Local - is not a partisan or party organization.


Christopher D. Johnston, Master/President
Office - 989-288-4546 or Cell - 989-666-6648

Email: msgrange1873@yahoo.com
Website: www.michiganstategrange.org