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I was very pleased with the participation in the Lecturer's Program contests judged at the Michigan State Grange session. ​There were 22 different participants, and 70 entries. The photography contest had 17 participants, including one "kids" participant and three "friends" of Grange members. The photography contest had a record number of entries (61), known because we ran out of clips to display the photos - a great problem to have! Most of the categories will remain the same for 2023, but there will be a few changes.

​With the inclusion of the Family Activities Department into 
the Lecturer's Program, I will be expanding my committee, and look forward to developing that part of the program for the coming year. Special thanks to Master/President Christopher Johnston for freshening up the photography display boards with a new color of paint. Thanks also to committee member Joanne Cebulski and all others who helped set up and take down the displays.
Lecturer’s Awards:
Story Topic: My Grange Experience
1st: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
2nd: Dale Moore Burns #160

Drawing or Painting
1st: Alayna Nail Fredonia #1713
2nd: Sue Wagner Kinney #754
3rd: Dawn Laupp Home #129

​Family Heritage — Chart
1st: Barbara Johnston North Adrian #1713
2nd: Tim Johnston North Adrian #1713

​Family Heritage — photo
1st: Barbara Johnston North Adrian #1713
2nd: Tim Johnston North Adrian #1713

​Photography—Juniors 8 & under — Animals
1st: Winter Hsu-Bishop Home #129

​Subordinate — Animals
1st. Kathryn Hsu-Bishop Home #129
2nd: Terri Sheffer non-member Kent County
3rd: Kevin Young Community #1675

​Photography—Juniors 8 & under — people
1st: Winter Hsu-Bishop Home #129

​Subordinate –People
1st: Julie Siefke non-member Calhoun County
2nd: Kathryn Hsu-Bishop Home #129
3rd: Sharon Popler Burns #160

​Subordinate –Farm Crops Scene
1st: Kathryn Hsu-Bishop Home #129
2nd: Sharon Popler Burns #160
3rd: Peggy Johnston Burns #160

​Subordinate –County Fair
1st: Terri Sheffer non-member Kent County
2nd: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
3rd: Marcus Johnston Gratiot #1898

​Photography—Juniors 8 & under — Winter Scene
1st: Winter Hsu-Bishop Home #129

​Subordinate — winter scene
1st Dale Young Community #1675
2nd: Julie Siefke non-member Calhoun County
3rd: Kevin Young Community #1675

Quilting: any form
1st: Mary Beth Bower Colon #215
2nd: Linda Waltz non Granger—St. Joseph County

​Item made from a loved ones belongings
1st: Naomi Fletcher Burns #160
2nd: Barbara Johnston North Adrian #721

​Handmade—Greeting Card
​1st: Arlene Douglas Burns #160
2nd: Sharon Popler Burns #160
3rd: Evelyn Ward Burns #160

1st: Arlene Douglas Burns #160
2nd: Fran Longsdorf Burns #160
3rd: Evelyn Ward Burns #160

​Any item using sunflowers
1st: Arlene Douglas Burns #160
2nd: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
3rd: Kelly Holcomb Burns #160 non member

​Decorated Brick
1st: Sharon Popler Burns #160
2nd: Dale Moore Burns #160
3rd: Arlene Douglas Burns #160

1st Ron Schaar Burns #160 Non-member

​Garden Sparklers
1st: Naomi Fletcher Burns #160
2nd: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
3rd: Sharon Popler Burns #160

​Antique Home– Grandma’s Kitchen or home item
1st: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
2nd: Arlene Douglas Burns #160
3rd: Barbara Johnston North Adrian #721

​Grandad’s tool shed
1st: Rich Hazen Fredonia #1713
2nd: Tim Johnston North Adrian #721
3rd: Naomi Fletcher Burns #160

​Miscellaneous Craft– any item that does not fall into another category
1st: Naomi Fletcher Burns #160
2nd: Sandra LaHart North Adrian #721
3rd: Arlene Douglas Burns #160

​Certificate of Merit Recipients
Mid Michigan Pomona #61, Lenawee County Pomona #15, St. Joseph/Cass/Kalamazoo Pomona #4 Harbor Springs #730, West Oshtemo #1630, Studley #1174, Community #1675, Mosherville
#1351Home #129, Summit City #672, Burns #160, Gratiot #1898, North Adrian #721, Burr Oak #1350, Plymouth/Westland #389.​

Public Speaking—Foods I like/don’t like
1st: Chris Johnston Burns #160

1st: Richard Hazen Fredonia #1713
2nd: Kevin Young Community #1675

​Best of Show: Family Heritage, Art, Creative Writing
Peggy Johnston, Burns #160

​Best of Show: Photography:
Kathryn Hsu-Bishop, Home #129

​Certificates for Reporting:
Pomona: St. Joseph/Cass/Kalamazoo Pomona #4, Mid Michigan Pomona #61, Lenawee Co. Pomona #15
Subordinate: Barnard #689, Burns #160l Gratiot #1898, Harbor Springs #730, Pittsfield Union #882, Studley #1174, Fern #803, Home #129, Kinney #754, Summit City #672, Colon #215, Mosherville #1351, North Adrian #721, Plymouth/Westland #389, West Oshtemo #1630​

State Grange Session 
Coming Soon!

​Like many of you I suspect, you are wondering 
where the Summer went.  In many of our minds, when school starts, it is a “beginning”.
The same is somewhat true with the Michigan State Grange calendar. Many of the Subordinate and Pomona annual reports to the Michigan State Grange have a year that begins September 1 and ends August 30. However, since our state session occurs in the latter part of October, all entries to contests judged at the session have a calendar year beginning October 1 of the previous year, and ending September 30 of the present year.

​I highlighted a couple rules changes for the Lecturer’s contests in the last issue of MGN. Make sure 
when you are organizing items that you wish to enter that you recheck the rules of each contest (number of words, size of display, backing required). A quick summary of contests and classes for each this year:

  1. ​Creative Writing – two classes: Poem, Story.
  2. Art Contest – Kids: any art piece; Subordinate level – two classes: drawing or painting (two-dimensional); three-dimensional art object
  3. Family Heritage – two classes: Chart showing at least 3 generations and Family Photo Story
  4. Photography – five classes: Animals, People, Farm Crops Scene, County Fair, Winter Scenes
​From experience, I know that a lot of entries are completed the week before State session. I challenge you to get your entries together now, including getting them labeled to avoid the last-minute rush. All entries must be labeled. Your Lecturer should have these labels, but I will have extras at session. All entries must be delivered to the state session by 9 am on Friday morning for display and judging.

​One additional contest is the Public Speaking 
Contest with two classes: Extemporaneous Speaking and Readings. This contest will be held Thursday evening. Since the topics for the extemporaneous speaking are announced (favorite toys as a child, foods I like/don’t like, my idea of a best friend),
you can plan your speech a bit beforehand, but your topic will be drawn before the speech. For Readings, I recommend that you bring your own reading with you, although I will bring some materials as well. There is a 4-minute limit for each speech or reading. Judging is by popular vote.
I am looking forward to a great display of your talents and creativity this year, as we meet in Marshall.
VOTE! Since the next issue of MGN will probably not be in your hands before the November 8 election, I encourage you to vote. Stand up for your beliefs by expressing them in this very important way.