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The mission of the Michigan State Grange Historical Collections Committee is to collect, preserve and display, and otherwise disseminate knowledge, about those artifacts and manuscripts of historical significance which best represent the development and growth of the Michigan State Grange.

Dormant Grange records previously held at the Michigan State Grange headquarters have been catalogued and placed at the Michigan State University and the University of Michigan’s Bentley Library for preservation. Records are available to those doing educational research, genealogy, also interested Grange members. We continue our pleasant relationship with leaders at both Universities.

Grange memorabilia and artifacts have also been placed with the Michigan State university.

We have recorded many Subordinate Grange histories and we continue to record others as we find them. If you write a history of your Grange for an Anniversary or any other occasion send u s a copy to be included in your records.

Several hundred Grange hall pictures have been identified, printed, and location listed, on this project in progress. We welcome the receipt of any Grange Hall pictures plus information regarding location.

The Past Masters notebook is another project in progress. The burial place of each deceased Past Master has been located, and pictures taken of the grave stones, including cemetery location. Historical information is included in the notebook about each Past Master.

With the closing of the State Grange Office, the many pictures that were there have been sent to the Bentley Library Archives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Before they were sent copies were made of many of them and they have been placed in plastic pages and put in note books. Naming people in the pictures and adding dates and locations is still being worked on and will be for some time. If you have a special picture from your Grange that you would like to have included in one of these books send me a copy by mail or E-mail and I will see that it is included. 

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