Naomi Fletcher, President
14684 25-75 Road
​Rapid River, MI 49878

​Tel: 906-399-2815

The Mission of the Foundation is to provide educational resources to an many members and charitable organizations as possible, as well as to support health and wellness. Interest free loans are available for Grange members to attend Universities, Colleges, and/or Trade Schools of their choice. Funds are also available for Grange Department Directors' programs including support for Youth Leadership and Promotion, Junior Activities, Family Activities, Lecturer’s Activities, Deaf Awareness Projects, and Community Service Projects.

The Foundation is supported by donations from Granges and by individuals who believe in the program. Additional funds are also gained from investments made by the Foundation Board of Directors.

​A permanent Endowment Fund has been established from which only the interest earned is used for Foundation activities. Donations can be made directly to the endowment fund. In addition one-half of all general donations are credited to the fund. Establishment of this fund assures a continued support in the future of the Foundation programs.

​Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible, as the Foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. Donations can be made to commemorate the lives of
deceased friends, family, and Grange brethren. It is also suggested that donations can be made on special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. The Foundation can also be named as a beneficiary in a will or trust, and can accept real estate and personal property donations. Your donations to the Michigan State Grange Foundation will be gratefully acknowledged and your support will be appreciated by the many benefactors that receive support from Foundation programs.

Happy New Year one and all! The holidays are 
now past us and we look forward to another successful year of the Michigan State Grange Foundation. Last issue of MGN listed our many accomplishments and goals met. With your continued support, the Foundation will be able to provide educational assistance to students in need, Michigan Grange program support and community level supports to like minded foundations in Michigan.
The next MSG Foundation meeting will be Sunday, January 21, 2024 via Zoom beginning at
3:00. If you have any questions or wish to add an item to the agenda, please let Jackie Bishop, our new
Secretary/Treasurer, or myself know, and we'll make sure you receive the Zoom link to join our meeting. 

We’ve had a mild winter this year under the circumstances. I hope this finds you all well and waiting for not only Easter but Spring to bring us green grass, sunshine and outside activities for all to enjoy.
Don’t forget the Michigan State Grange Foundation has student loan funds available for anyone pursuing higher education in any field. Whether you’re attending a community college, university, state college, or trade school, you may be eligible for a student loan of up to $1,000 annually for a maximum of four years. Please visit the Michigan State Grange website, look up Foundation, and the application is there for you to print, complete and submit. The Foundation Board reviews applications in June for awarding for the fall semester, so you still have a few months. But don’t wait! No time like the present as you choose where you’ll be attending your next adventure in education.​