Naomi Fletcher, President
25-75 Road
​Rapid City, MI 49878

​Tel: 906-399-2815

The Mission of the Foundation is to provide educational resources to an many members and charitable organizations as possible, as well as to support health and wellness. Interest free loans are available for Grange members to attend Universities, Colleges, and/or Trade Schools of their choice. Funds are also available for Grange Department Directors' programs including support for Youth Leadership and Promotion, Junior Activities, Family Activities, Lecturer’s Activities, Deaf Awareness Projects, and Community Service Projects.

The Foundation is supported by donations from Granges and by individuals who believe in the program. Additional funds are also gained from investments made by the Foundation Board of Directors.

​A permanent Endowment Fund has been established from which only the interest earned is used for Foundation activities. Donations can be made directly to the endowment fund. In addition one-half of all general donations are credited to the fund. Establishment of this fund assures a continued support in the future of the Foundation programs.

​Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible, as the Foundation is incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. Donations can be made to commemorate the lives of
deceased friends, family, and Grange brethren. It is also suggested that donations can be made on special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. The Foundation can also be named as a beneficiary in a will or trust, and can accept real estate and personal property donations. Your donations to the Michigan State Grange Foundation will be gratefully acknowledged and your support will be appreciated by the many benefactors that receive support from Foundation programs.

On behalf of the Michigan State Grange Foundation, I would like to thank you all for your generous
contributions in memory of members past. Your donations will serve the Foundation in various ways,
including Deaf Awareness and student education.
The Foundation's purpose is to support education, healthcare and charitable entities that meet the standards of the Foundation. Funds are distributed wisely with perpetuity in mind, either through interest earned, or connections made. We are still working to determine the fate of the Battle Creek Museum
Donation and the John Woodman Memorial fund. More information will be available at state session.

Brothers and Sisters,
It is my great honor to provide the Michigan State Grange a report of the state of the Michigan Grange Foundation on behalf of the full board. I would first like to congratulate the Michigan State Grange on it’s 150 years of service to the stat of Michigan through it’s continued advocacy on behalf of the small family farmer and the communities you serve.
Members of the Board of the Foundation include Jackie Bishop-Vice President, Kathryn Strouse -
Secretary/Treasurer, Jeff Swainston-Director and Chris Johnston-Director. Each of these individuals have worked together in making major decisions on behalf of the Foundation. Thank you for your dedication to the work of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s work has focused over the years on providing charitable contributions, education and healthcare. The Foundation considers requests from educational institutions, historical societies, and other such organizations whose purpose aligns with the aims and purposes of the Foundation.  The Foundation also provides student loans to individuals seeking higher education in university, college or vocational arenas. In addition, the Foundation supports the work of the Grange as a whole through newsletters and postage, and the work of the MSG Department Directors to carry out and develop programs relevant to today’s Grange. 

​​​ ​The
 work of the Foundation relies on the generosity of members and friends of the Grange through
donations, bequests and repayments of student loans. Additionally, investments generate interest to assist
in perpetuating the Foundation funds. In April, we met with the fiduciary to discuss the need for reinvestment of one of the annuities. The Board decided to re-invest the annuity for an additional 10 year period. Returns are expected to be a bit higher as interest rates for the long-term have increased. We have been assured that if the market investments go down, there is no loss in principle to the fund. The Financial Report is attached to this report for your review.
Through the years, the generosity of members and friends have allowed the MSG Foundation to perpetuate it’s work. Most recently, you honored Luanna Swainston, Deaf Awareness Director, who passed away this last summer, with your generosity.

​​​ An
 additional important item of note are the funds specifically dedicated to securing a monument commemorating Past State Master Jonathan Woodman. The Sesquicentennial Committee was charged with completing the task of securing needed information to complete the necessary paperwork to set the
monument. Now that the Celebration has come to a successful conclusion, we hope to see the monument/
memorial completed as well.
As always, the Foundation thanks the Grange members and friends for their generosity over the years. Your donations assist in continuing the work of the Grange and this Foundation. As a 501c3 organization, your contributions are tax deductible. 

Fraternally, Naomi Fletcher, Board President
Michigan State Grange Foundation

I'd like to thank Kathryn Strouse for her many years of service as Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation. Her financial background has been an asset to the Foundation. Jackie Bishop has been elected the new Secretary/
Treasurer and any/all donations to the Foundation should be sent to her in the future.  New member Sue Wagner has been elected to Vice President of the Foundation. Welcome-Sue! ​