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We now have reprints of four of the previous Deaf Awareness Posters. Contact me if you wish to have posters, etc.

American Manual Alphabet: This poster is one that we did not have to reprint. This poster could be used in schools, churches, libraries, Grange Halls or anywhere that people come in contact with deaf or hearing impaired people. For example, our Grange delivered Dictionaries to a third grade classroom, along with Deaf Awareness items (one being the Manual Alphabet poster) and in one of the thank you’s we received, one of the students had learned the alphabet. Another third grade teacher had her students do their spelling words in sign language. There are many possibilities with this.

Your Noisy World Could Get Silent: This poster is a chart that shows the potential hearing hazard of the loudness of sounds combined with the length of exposure to sound and how it can create a permanent hearing loss. Preventions are suggested on this poster. It shows the decibels of many electronic devices that we are in contact with everyday.

Pledge of Allegiance: This poster could be placed in schools, Grange Halls, libraries, etc. An idea that can be used is to do parts of it at each of your Grange meetings until everyone can sign it.
Do You See the Signs: (of hearing loss) This poster could be placed in church nurseries, day care centers, pre-schools or wherever adults can view them. It is a poster to make parents aware of what an infant to 12 months should be able to do, from 12 months to 2 years, from 2 years to 4 years and 5 years old.

Grange Deaf Awareness: Awareness – communication is key to qualify of life – hearing loss is permanent- early detection and treatment is essential, etc. Education – educate the public with printed material, video programs, classroom instruction, special equipment, information, programs. Prevention- hearing protections used, hearing testing, newborn hearing screening, personal education.


Hi Everyone! For the time being Sister Luanna Swainston is taking a vacation from the Deaf Awareness Activities. She is still being consulted on every move! But for the time being while she works to get in better health I will be doing what she wants or needs done! That “I” would be “me”….Peggy Johnston. So if you have any questions, or concerns or need any supplies PLEASE contact me at the Michigan State Grange Office and with Luanna’s guidance I will see what I can do to help.
We are praying for better health in her very near future.
Deaf Awareness Posters Available
I have two of the Deaf Awareness Posters Available for distribution. I’m asking if anyone would like either or both of them to let me know which ones and how many. I will do my best to get them out to you. In the past we have encouraged Granges to place them in Grange Halls, schools, doctors offices, daycares, Sunday school rooms, etc. They aren’t doing anyone any good sitting here in the State Grange Office. We need to get them out.

These are the two posters that I have available. If I get over to Luanna’s maybe I can get some of the other ones that she might have available, but for now these are the only two.

Deaf Awareness Appeal for Donations
By now your Grange should have received your Deaf Awareness Appeal Letter. Either the Deaf Awareness Chairman or Secretary should have it.

Please consider donating to this fund to help with the $500 Scholarship to the Michigan School for the Deaf student and also to help with a donation to the Alexander Graham Bell Summer Camp Program.

​After our numbers more than doubled last year 
with the students at Christmas at MSD we could certainly use some more funds to help with any students we cannot find sponsors for. This is such a wonderful program and we really don’t like to have to turn kids down. Today so many need extra help.
Send those donations to the Michigan State Grange.
Thank you in advance

Do you Need a Hearing Test?
If you are 18 to 64 years old, the following questions will help you determine if you need to have your hearing evaluated by a health professional.

​Answer YES or NO.
1. Does a hearing problem cause you to feel embarrassed when you meet new people?

2. Does a hearing problem cause you to feel frustrated when talking to members of your family?

3. Do you have difficulty hearing or understanding co-workers, clients, or customers?

4. Do you feel slowed down by a hearing problem?

5. Does a hearing problem cause you difficulty when visiting friends, relatives, or neighbors?

6. Does a hearing problem cause you difficulty in the movies or in the theater?

7. Does a hearing problem cause you to have arguments with family members?

8. Does a hearing problem cause you difficulty when listening to TV or radio?

9. Do you feel that any difficulty with your hearing limits or hampers your personal or social life?

10. Does a hearing problem cause you difficult when in a restaurant with relatives or friends?

If you answered “yes” to three or more of these questions, you might want to see an audiologist for a hearing evaluation.