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Niles, MI 49120


Vegetables: Potatoes , any variety
1st: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
2nd: Dale Moore Burns #160
3rd: Sharon Popler Burns #160
Vegetables: Squash
1st: Peggy Johnston Burns #160

​Flowers: any type of plant in a unique container
1st: Peggy Johnston Burns #160
2nd: Sharon Popler Burns #160

​Agriculture Chairman’s Annual Report
Welcome to the 149th Annual Convention of the Michigan State Grange!! It is hard to believe that it is time for yet another Michigan State Grange Session. I am glad we are back to normal after our 2020 State Session being made only a one day session with no singing or floor work. Our 2021 State Session was just about back to normal but we were still cautious after not being together for so long. Time sure goes by fast and for some reason this year has gone by way too fast!! I hope everyone has enjoyed my articles as at times I felt like I was just rambling on but at the time I was writing them it was what was on my mind.

​​Agriculture in our Great State is a very important 
part of life and of the State Economy, and I feel honored to be the Director of the MSG Agriculture Department. It has been a very up and down year so far for Agriculture in our Country and it isn’t over yet. With the virus causing shutdowns at meat processing plants in 2020 and then people not returning to work quick enough, farmers are still struggling to get their animals to the processors as they are backed up. We the Grange, need to stand strong more than ever to let everyone know that the Grange is still alive and here to help our friends in Agriculture.

I look forward to seeing what entries will be in the Ag Department classes this year as we only had about 2 or 3 entries at the 148th State Session. It had been another strange growing season in 2022 with Spring being wet for some areas and then we had some heat waves in June with July finishing up with very
humid weather but at least we have been getting rain in my area of Michigan. I hope to continue to bring you information on this Department that has meant so much to our Great Organization when it was first founded!

​​I hope everyone enjoys the 
State Session and their stay in Marshall!!!
Fraternally, Kevin Young, AG Director

Wow! August has just started as I write this article and another County Fair season is in full swing for my area. The weather is up and down with temperatures and humidity, but it wouldn’t be summer and fair season without that type of weather! I can’t wait for fair week at the Berrien County Youth Fair to get here but it is always sad on Saturday night when it is time to say goodbyes and see you next year to fair
time friends. I want to wish all exhibitors all throughout Michigan best of luck and it isn’t about winning but how you act when you do not win.
Do your best and your sportsmanship will shine! We got our garden in about on time this year, but we only planted zucchini and tomatoes as my brother and sister-in-law asked if they could have some space in it this year. So, no items from our garden to enter in the Ag Department. I tried to plant sunflower seeds but when they started to sprout something thought they looked pretty tasty! I hope others have had better luck and will have lots of items to enter in this year’s classes. 

As we move into the harvest season, please keep in mind that we will once again be sharing the roads with very large sized farm equipment. I know we are all in a hurry to get where we are going but we need to keep in mind that those big pieces of equipment help to put food on our families’ tables.

I look forward to seeing everyone that will be coming to the Michigan State Grange Convention that is being held in late October at the B.E. Henry Community Building in Marshall. I hope everything goes well so we can continue to get back to Normal with how we conduct business at our State Session. This includes our classes for the different departments. I hope everyone has been working on entries for the Departments so we have a great Grange Contest year! See you at State Session!!