Michigan State Grange
2019-2020 Michigan State Grange Officers

Master: Christopher Johnston, Overseer: Sharon Popler, Lecturer: Jackie Bishop,
​Steward: Barbara Castle, Asst. Steward: Bob Persons,
​​Lady Asst. Steward: Sandy Persons, ​Chaplain: Jeff Swainston, Treasurer: Kevin Young,
​Secretary: Peggy Johnston, ​Gatekeeper: Walt Murphy,
​Ceres: Nancy Swainston, Pomona: Mary Beth Bower,​ Flora: Tricia Eidsmoe,
​Executive Committee: Ron Ely, Dale Moore, Doris Felton,
​Pianist: Kevin Young

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Starting October 19, 2015
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Michigan Farmer Hall
of Fame

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​Is your Grange planning something special during the month of April? Now is the
time to get started with those plans. There are many ways to celebrate this special month.
  • A display in a library or store window.
  • A special dinner for your members to thank them for all they do.
  • An open house or open meeting to let non-members know what your Grange is all about.
  • Invite the public in to hear a special speaker.
  • Great time to present membership awards or other awards such as: Dedicated Worker, Community Citizen, V.I.P., Teacher of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, or Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.
Whatever you plan for Grange month (April) make it special and be sure to get the publicity that is due your program or event.