Michigan State Grange
2022-2023​ Michigan State Grange Officers

Master: Christopher Johnston
O​verseer: Sharon Popler
​Lecturer: Jackie Bishop
​Steward: Tim Johnston
​Asst. Steward: Richard Hazen
​​Lady Asst. Steward: Nancy Swainston
​​Chaplain: Jeff Swainston
​Treasurer: Kevin Young​
​Secretary: Peggy Johnston
​​Gatekeeper: Randy Cebulski
​Ceres: Maria Lopez
​Pomona: Mary Beth Bower
​Flora: Tricia Eidsmoe
​Executive Committee: Barbara Johnston, Dale Moore, Tom Smith
​Pianist: Kevin Young

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Michigan Farmer Hall
of Fame

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Michigan Grange Pins

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Proceeds will go towards celebrating
​Michigan State Grange's 150th Anniversary​​​​​​

Log Cabin Resort & Campground
Curtis, Michigan
in the beautiful Upper Peninsula!​​

​July 18-23, 2023

​​Mark your calendars and pack your bags! 

Details and registration information ​can​ be found at grangerevival.com
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Starting November 5, 2021​
For tickets, contact the State Grange Office or any of the 150th Committee Members

​​From the artist of the 'Snowdin':

 One of the prizes in the Sesquicentennial raffle is Snowdin.  The acrylic painting is three feet by four feet.

The White tiger is a Bengal Siberian tiger hybrid.  Stripes are like fingerprints, as no two tiger's stripes are alike.  The White tiger weighs between 200 and 300 pounds.  He can grow to 9.8 feet in length.

Did you know? When White tigers are stressed or confused; they cross their eyes?

the artist who donated the painting to the Grange is a Police Officer, who has been in public safety services for over 30 years.  Most of his paintings are donated to non-profit and charitable organizations, such as Silent Observer, and Lighthouse Autism Century of Kalamazoo.  Some of his paintings have been sold in the past for as much as $1,200.00 to help the organizations.  He might use his painting time to decompress without crossing his eyes.  He wants others to appreciate and enjoy our worlds.​​​​​​
Michigan State Grange Sesquicentennial

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For anyone needing to stay overnight, we have a block of rooms for Saturday night at $109.00 plus tax.

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