Michigan State Grange
2021-2022 Program
Publicity - Information
  1. Appoint an Information Chairman. (Publicity and Public Relations)
  2. Publicize meeting dates.
  3. Publicize programs, projects and activities. Work with officers and Committee Chairmen.
  4. Identify Grange name and number and meeting date and time on outside of Grange hall or meeting place.
  5. Present a Media Award to your newspaper and/or others who publicize Grange events.
  6. When writing articles use the 5 “W” system. What, Where, When, Who and Why?
  7. Contact daily and weekly newspaper editors, TV and radio stations. Becoming friends with media leadership is beneficial.
  8. Write and thank news media following coverage.
  9. Plan special coverage for Ag Day or Ag Week, Grange Month, Better Hearing and Speech Month, conferences and the State Grange Convention.
  10. Keep trying and you will see your news in print or hear it on the radio or TV!
  11. Send copies of newsletters or newspaper articles or a written summary of radio or television coverage, to the State Grange Office so your Grange will receive a certificate at the State Grange Convention.

Special recognition will be given to the Granges that report publicity, fair booths, attend or host conferences, have special programs where non-members are invited and any other forms of PR during the year.