Michigan State Grange
2019-2020 Program
Last year the National Grange membership contest was to create a display promoting your Grange and to use it in the community your Grange serves. Grange displays should promote the active role your Grange takes in its community by highlighting the activities and functions your Grange puts on, the community service projects it engages in and the future vision of the membership. The displays can also briefly highlight the history of the organization. Displays should be visually appealing, including pictures to enhance the viewer’s experience.

The National Grange is not continuing this contest for 2019-2020, but I would like to promote it as a state contest.  The entries will be judged in Michigan.  There will be one winner in each category - digital and non-digital - with each winner receiving $25.00.  There will not be a separation between large and small Granges.  Please have entries to me by October 1, 2020.

Displays can be both active and passive in nature.
  • Active displays are ones where Grange members are there to talk to potential new members and answer any questions about what your Grange does.
  • Passive displays are ones that are set up for the public to view without anyone being there to answer potential questions.
  • Both displays should have the information necessary for someone to find out more information about your Grange including, but not limited to: website, meeting date & time, email, social media addresses, etc.
  • Displays should also be stocked with pamphlets about the Grange and membership applications for anyone wishing to fill one out.
In developing your display, consider what your Grange does to improve your community and the things that would entice people to join your Grange and become active members. Also consider what the outcomes are of being a Grange member, not just the features of membership.
​There are two categories to the contest.

​​Digital displays:
  • These can be a video or a collection of images and text that showcase what your Grange does to serve its members and better its community.
  • Digital displays can be created in a variety of programs including, but not limited to: Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, Keynote, iMovie, Adobe Spark, Windows Movie Maker and Impress.
  • Digital displays can also have audio laid over the images with a narrator explaining the outcomes of being a Grange member and why someone should join the Grange.
  • Digital displays should be viewed on a laptop computer or TV screen that is set up at the events your Grange is working.
Non-digital displays:
  • Organize information on a tri-fold board
  • ​Make a display with stand-alone banners and large board
​Contest Information:
Please submit to the Michigan State Grange Membership Director a short write-up (up to 2 pages) of where your Grange placed its display and what interest the display generated.
  • Did you take in new members?
  • Develop new contacts within you community?
  • Develop a new program based on the needs of your community members?
  • Along with the write-up please submit up to five (5) photos of your Grange display in action.
  • Digital displays need to be created in some form of digital media that can be universally shared and viewed.
* If your Grange created an information or membership pamphlet specific for your Grange to go along with your display, please include it as well.