Michigan State Grange
2021-2022 Program
Congratulations on being elected Master of your Grange!

​Responsibility and privilege are yours. Holding this 
important position requires dedication, patience, hard work, and diplomacy.
  1. Elect and Install Officers
  2. Appoint Committees: Involve everyone. Ask Committee Chairmen to report at each meeting.
  3. Conduct a yearly planning meeting with your Officers and Committee Chairmen.
  4. Open and Close the meeting in proper form, following the Order of Business. Practice good ritual. One meeting per month is required. Two meetings per month provide greater interest and more opportunities to develop the total Grange program.
  5. Plan for delegate representation at the Annual Convention of the Michigan State Grange. The Master and spouse, or duly elected alternates are eligible.
  6.  Act on resolutions and send them to the State Grange Secretary for action at the Annual Convention.
  7. Develop a plan for membership growth. Use the obligation ceremony, followed by the full degrees.
  8. Encourage annual Degree Conferral's.
  9. Be an active part of your community.
  10. ​“Whatever you do, strive to do it well.”
The purpose of this program is to recognize Subordinate Granges for their work. It is intended to strengthen Subordinate Granges by encouraging participation in the
total Grange program. Granges are encouraged to do those things of which they are capable, improving and increasing activity, thereby becoming a vital part of the
community. Participation by all departments and members of the Grange is essential to Grange success. This program will reward those Granges who fulfill the seven (7) requirements listed and 10 of the 15 optional achievements.
  1. Take in new members _______. How Many? ______
  2. Quarterly Reports into State Grange on time. (30 days after end of quarter.) _____________
  3. Holding all regular meetings. One meeting per month is required.______
  4. Delegates to State Grange Convention. _________
  5. Must have 13 members, the legal limit. _________
  6. A Lecturer’s Program at all regular meetings._______
  7. At least one resolution forwarded for action at the State Grange Convention. ________

1. Entered and reported in the Community Service Contest _____________.
2. Participation in Degree or Obligation Ceremony Conferral. _______________
3. Officers installed in full form. ______________
4. Appointments of all Committee Chairmen which are suggested by State Grange. __________
5. Committees reporting at regular meetings. ________
6. Support for Lecturer’s Department __________ (i.e. entry in at least one contest)
7. Participation in Family Activities Program. ________ (i.e. entry in at least one contest)
8. Participation in Youth/Young Adult Program ______
9. Support of Junior Grange Program. __________ Explain_____________________________
10. Grange Deaf Awareness Program ____________
      A. Contribution to State Grange Deaf Fund; or
     B. Do Program on the subject of deafness or hearing protection.
11. Observance of Grange Month __________
      A. Program; or
     B. Exhibit, display, or poster in prominent place
12. Observance of a Community or Booster Night _____
13. A Visit by a State Grange Officer that is not a member of your Grange by invitation.  Who ___________________ When ___________
14. Representatives at one or more Grange Leadership conferences or workshops What____________________ When__________
15. Use of Publicity — TV, Radio, Newspapers, Social Media _______

AUGUST 31. Reports are due to the State Grange office no later than September 10th. All Granges qualifying will be recognized with a Gold Star Grange Certificate at the
State Grange Convention. A scrapbook is not required.
The entry and report will consist of this form only. Send to: Peggy Johnston, Secretary, Michigan State Grange, 404 S. Oak Street, Durand, MI 48429