Michigan State Grange
2018-2019 Program
Family Activities
 Anyone who is 14 and older are encouraged to enter any or all of the categories:

General Rules:
1. All entries must be labeled with an official label and entry forms must be completed prior to entering in competition. Contact your Family Activities Chairman for labels.
2. Workmanship must be that of entrant.
3. Only one entry per class: (classes —afghans, doily, plastic canvas, etc.)
4. Adult entries will receive ribbons for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places and all entries will receive a participation ribbon.
5. Junior entries will received ribbons for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place plus a $3 cash prize for 1st prize, $2 cash prize for 2nd place and $1 cash prize for 3rd place. All entries will receive a participation ribbon.
6. Best of Show award will be awarded by the Judges. All entries will be eligible to receive this honor.

Adult Home Arts Categories
All Grange members 14-100+ (Men and Women) are encouraged to enter any or all of this year’s categories.
I Baked Goods (men and women)
  • Must include recipe, typed or legibly printed.
  • Must be made from scratch, no mixes
  • Display should be on a disposable plate or pan
  • Judging will be based on appearance, texture and flavor.
    A. Apple Pie (from scratch)
​    B. Quick Breads (from scratch)
    C. Doctored Up Cake (use box mix with other ingredients added)
    D.  Oatmeal ​Cookies (from scratch)
II Homemade Candies
    A. Any type of fudge made from scratch
    B. Any other type of candy made from scratch
III Canning
    A. Jams, Jellies, Preserves, honeys, etc.
    B. Pickles (any variety)
IV Dried Foods
    A. Dried Meats (jerky, summer sausage, etc.)
    B. Dried Fruits or Vegetables​
V ​Knitting
    A. Afghan
    B. Any other knitted item
VI Crocheting
    A. Afghan
    B. Any other crocheted item
VII Quilting (open to members and non-members) 
    A. Tied quilt
    B. Any other form of quilting
VIII Clothing
    A. Decorated Sweatshirt (Any medium)
IX  Recycled Craft
    A. Any medium
X  Christmas Wreath
    A. Any medium
XI  Table Centerpiece
    A. any theme, any medium
XII  Greeting Cards
    A. Any holiday of your choice​​​​
XIV  Antique Farm Item
    A. Any item of yesteryear, used in the kitchen or home
XV  Miscellaneous Crafts
    A.  Anything!  Any article that does not fall in any other class or department.​​​

Junior Home Arts Categories
Division I Ages 5-9
Division II Ages 10-14

    A. Bar Cookies

​Be sure to check out other contests for Junior's in  the Lecturer's, Juniors, and Deaf Awareness Programs.​​