Michigan State Grange
2017-2018 Program
Deaf Awareness
 The purpose of the Grange health project, Grange Deaf Awareness, is to serve deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people.
>>to encourage education of Grange members and non-Grange persons regarding deafness, including understanding the need for communication access by deaf and hard of hearing people.
>>to promote hearing protection, and to provide information about the hazards of noise.
>>to develop new programs and projects that will meet the above criteria.
>>Further, to create interest in our health project at all Grange levels, to increase participation and strengthen the image of the Grange.

For Pomona, Subordinate and Junior Granges
Award: Grange Deaf Awareness Chairmen completing fifteen (15) of the suggested activities will receive Special Recognition at the Annual Session of the Michigan State Grange.
1. Plan year’s work, bring ideas to your meeting, and then ask for a Grange vote.
2. Make an annual donation to the State Grange Deaf Awareness fund.
3. Report some phase of Grange Deaf Awareness in each meeting. Use the State Grange Deaf Awareness Newsletter as a source of information.
4. Present at least one program each year on the subject of Deafness, hearing protection, any part of hearing loss.
5. Participate in the Michigan School for the Deaf Adopt-A-Child Project.
6. Participate in any other Michigan School for the Deaf projects or events.
7. Donate to the Michigan School for the Deaf (laundry bags, approximately 24x49 inches) and slippers (from mainly 4 years to 11 years, some older students too.)  Box tops for Education.
8. Donate items to the Teachers Wish List
9. Interact with schools where deaf or hard of hearing children attend in your area.
10. Interact with deaf-related agencies or deaf related programs in your area.
11. Observe Better Hearing and Speech Month in May
12. Have a speaker speak at your Grange meetings concerning deaf awareness issues.
13. Encourage the use of microphones in Granges and public meetings. Does your Grange use microphones in its meetings or events? Yes _________ No _________.
14. Attend a Deaf Awareness conference, State Grange Convention or any other State Grange sponsored leadership conference.
15. Promote newborn hearing screening, give information in your meetings, talk to parents of young children about the importance of this subject.
16. Support legislation that benefits deaf and hard of hearing people.
17. Plan and carry out an Elementary School project on the subject of hearing loss, deafness, hearing protection, or communication for deaf and hard of hearing people.
18. Promote entries in the Junior Grange Deaf Awareness Poster Contest. Encourage them to learn sign language.  (see rules in Program Book)
19. Promote and encourage entries in the “Essay Contest” which is available for all ages. (see rules in program book)
20. Purchase any kind of equipment such as a telephone with amplification, a telephone amplifier, TCC (TTY) for a deaf or hard of hearing person or for a hospital, sheriff’s
department, fire department, or other place as determined by your Grange.
21. Distribute the Pledge of Allegiance in Sign Language posters in your community.
22. Distribute the Manual Alphabet posters in your community.
23. Distribute the Do You See the Signs posters in church nurseries, Day Care Centers, school and other places where families congregate.
24. Distribute the hearing protection poster, Your Noisy World Could Get Silent, in your community.
25. Distribute the Grange Deaf Awareness poster that promotes, Awareness , Education and Prevention of Deafness.
26. Distribute the brochure, Communicating and Connecting, in libraries, at Grange events or community events.
27. Promote hearing testing for all ages.
28. Plan and carry out a hearing testing project in your Grange or meeting place.
29. Place a Deaf Awareness display in a library, Grange hall or meeting place, County Fair, community event, store window or any other place where it will be seen by the
general public and/or by Grange members.
30. Send a report of your activities to the MSG Deaf Awareness Director by Sept. 10th. (Report form to be provided.)

Junior Grange Deaf Awareness Poster Contest
Purpose: To teach Junior Grange members about hearing loss, hearing protection, and how deaf and hard of hearing people communicate and to give Juniors the opportunity to express their creative abilities.

Awards: Ribbons and money awards in each age group.
1st place — $3.00, 2nd place — $2.00, 3rd place — $1.00

Judging: The judging will be on Correction of Message and Educational Value of poster and neatness.

Four Age Groups: 6 and under, 7-8, 9-11, 12-14 who are Junior Grange members or family member of Subordinate members.

Rules: Poster to be made on poster board. (max. size 18 x 24 inches) You can use crayons, markers, pencils, pens, cut out pictures, and/or photos. The name of the entrant to be placed on the back of the poster along with age, Junior Grange name and number and county.

Entry Deadline: to be at the State Grange Convention by Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. Bring it in or send it with delegates to where the posters will be judged.

Essay Contest
Division I Junior 6 & under
Division II Junior 7-8
Division III Junior 9-11
Division IV Junior 12-14
Division V Subordinate Grange members

1. Must be a Subordinate or Junior member or family member of a Subordinate member to enter.
2. All entries are to be brought to the convention for judging, with Division number, name, Grange name and number and county.
3. Essays must be on the topic “Deaf Awareness.” They can be based on true happenings, educational or purely fiction.
4. Stay within a 300 word limit.

Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each division will be recognized with ribbons and certificates and the Junior Grange members will also be awarded with prize money.
1st place — $3.00, 2nd place — $2.00, 3rd place — $1.00

Box Tops for Education & Labels for Education