Michigan State Grange
2021-2022 Program
Community Service
Community Service is the heartbeat of the Grange. Granges that have a strong Community Service Program have a strong Grange. The purpose of the Community Service Report is to recognize and reward outstanding efforts made by Granges in their communities. The report is also intended to share information between Granges and inspire new ideas and programs.
The Community Service program period is September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

September 10th, 2022.This means that your book needs to be delivered to the State Community Service Director on or before that date.
Granges are divided into two categories, small Granges with 40 members or less and large Granges with more than 40 members. Membership numbers are determined by the second quarter (June 30) membership report to the State Secretary. Granges will compete within their own category.
A summary report form will be supplied to each Community Service Chairman. A report may be submitted alone or with a notebook to receive full credit as an entry. Reports may be typed or neatly hand written.
Notebook reports MUST contain the Summary Report as the first pages of the report. Materials should be organized and indexed in a manner that effectively tells the story of your Grange’s Community Service work. Some choose to arrange projects from large to small and others choose to arrange materials in chronological order. You might also want to include newspaper articles, flyers and
or pictures of your events. Remember if a couple of pictures cover the event it isn’t necessary to use a couple of pages of materials.
Maximum size for a notebook is a 2 inch binder. Only one book can be entered. Any notebooks larger than this will not be judged.(Materials such as DVDs and computer generated programs should not be included with reports and may not be used in place of a notebook report.)
Descriptions of projects should answer the questions,
What? Who? Why? How? And When?
Suggestions to help tell your story:
  • Why did you choose this project? What is your goal?
  • How did you accomplish the project? Include the details of the work. Were there special committees? Did it take co-operation of other groups? Include the advanced preparations, and how many workers it took.
  • What did you accomplish? Was it success? Include supporting materials (publicity, pictures, news articles, letters, etc.) Did you overcome obstacles? What would you do differently? Would you recommend this type of project to other Granges?
  • Keep the report concise. Include only material that directly impacts on the project you are explaining.
Cash awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each division.
Selection of judges will be made at the discretion of the State Community Service Committee. All decisions made by the judges are final.
This award has its importance to the Granges presenting the award. This award will no longer be judged at the state level. We hope that Granges will continue to present this award to people in their community. 

Purpose: Each Grange is asked to honor a dedicated worker who has made a difference in the community. Giving public recognition to those who have given outstanding effort is important. This recognition is our way of saying “Thank You” for a job well done.
Purpose: The purpose of the VIP Award is for each Grange to honor a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Grange.
SUBMISSION: Only one entry from a Grange may be submitted to the State Grange per year. Submit a biography and a summary of the contributions the VIP nominee has made to the Grange. If possible, also submit a photograph of your VIP. The submission shall be sent to the State Community Service Director by September 10th.
JUDGING: Judging will be the responsibility of the State Community Service Director. An award will be presented at the Annual Session of the Michigan State Grange.