Michigan State Grange
2017-2018 Program
1. The Master should appoint an agricultural chairman and committee to work with different segments of production.

2. Become informed and involved on local and state issues. The basic needs of agriculture start with a group of business people investing in a highly technical business that welcome the support of all the consumers.

3. Invite local farmers, legislators to participate in forums to better secure legislature and support form local and state governments.

4. Agriculture is greatly influenced by taxation, petroleum costs, agricultural inputs and capital to purchase equipment, labor and supplies. The Grange must understand all aspects of farming are done in a timely fashion as farmers have no control over the weather.

5. Promote crop insurance, technology and cooperative relations.

6. Despite the fact that agriculture is done in a rural setting, the Grange must promote good roads (farm to market roads) due to the large amount of inputs and harvest return (meat, milk, crops, and vegetables) for an economic delivery.

7. The Agricultural Chairman should give a detailed report at each meeting regarding progress in agriculture.

8. The Grange should encourage business people and politicians to attend meetings at all time and make an effort to get them to join the Grange.

9. Insurance is a very important issue. All rural families should have a chance to have health and dental care and access to local hospitals.

10. Let’s work together to make these things happen.


Division I - Junior 6 & under
Division II - Junior 7-8
Division III - Junior 9-11
Division IV - Junior 12-14
Division V - Subordinate Grange members

Class I - Pumpkin - One pumpkin under 50#
Class II - Late Squash: acorn, butternut or any other hard shelled variety.
Class III - Sunflower head - one head with 2” stem, no leaves, non ornamental.
Class IV - Indian Corn - 3 ears
Class V - Potatoes - any variety - 3
Class VI - Apples - any variety - 3
Class VII - Violet - 6" potted - 1 pot
Class VIII - Herbs - potted: minimum of 5 varieties but not more than 10 planted in a container NOT TO EXCEED 12" in any direction.​​​​​

Judging: Commercial Marketing Quality Standards are required for entering in each class, (i.e. uniform shape, color, size and disease free). Judging will take place on Friday morning of the State Convention. Must be received and registered by 9:00 a.m.